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Parent Reviews and Testimonials

Hundreds of thousands of parents have used Time4Learning’s interactive, multimedia curriculum to help their children reach their educational goals. Here’s what some of those parents have to say about their experience with the program.

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4 Stars

By James on February 14, 2020

Time4Learning is a great tool for homeschooling multiple children. However, a couple of our children seem to breeze through some of the work while others are quite the opposite. We have to spend time a lot of time reviewing our children's time and work to analyze their schoolwork and how we may need to adjust. Since answers are multiple choice, my concern is that they may just learn the answers when retaking tests. I want to make sure they are actually learning the material. I would love to see more fill in the blank type of answers for Math, Science and Social Studies.

Great flexibility wirh access to more…

5 Stars

By Marisa on February 14, 2020

Great flexibility with access to more than one grade level is necessary and appreciated. Our children are able to review a challenging concept in one strand of math such as sorting/solving word problems, while advancing in other areas such as geometry or patterning.Being able to build on those strengths without being labelled with an IEP in a formal school system provides the best learning environment that works for our family. Fun math & spelling games are played often. Using computer skills, with audio/video/bookwork/hands on experience is crucial if there are challenges with auditory processing or too much visual stimulation. We can tailor our activities to ease stress and build skills in those needed areas in a way that engages our children making it both interesting & fun.

I was referred to time4learning by a friend and I couldn’t be happier

4 Stars

By Tanya on February 14, 2020

I was referred to time4learning by a friend because I was desperately looking for something that would cover all of the concerns I had relative to running homeschool successfully. Initially I was intimidated because of the content and my ability to keep up and stay on top of things. Once I started to actually work within the system I realized it was user friendly and that it wasn’t as scary as it seemed when reading everything. My kids are enjoying it and I find myself right there on the journey with them. There are a few things that I’m still trying to figure out; like how to toggle between the two kids profile without loosing the page I was on. I will say that I wish there was an intervention of the compass learning and lesson plans where I can see what the kids scored on quizzes and scores activities. I also had a time with the science 4 us content changing after I’d already signed it to my kids. I ended up sending an email and the response explained why I experienced the change. Just wished there was an email or something communicated before I spent time on a hunt to figure things out. Otherwise I truly enjoy the program. It ticks off many of my homeschool boxes and i would certainly and have certainly recommended this to friends. Thank you for including us in on the process. Tanya Homeschool mom of 2

By on November 28, 2016

We have used Time4Learning since we decided to homeschool my oldest. She started in pre-k and is now in 5th grade. Last year my youngest started pre-k and loves it as much as his sister. This program helped calm some of my concerns over starting with homeschooling and gave us a full curriculum...

By on November 28, 2016

We have been using Time4learning as our core curriculum for over 7 years and our kids still love it! The lessons are fun and it’s great to have all our records available when needed. My high schoolers especially love the science lessons, and my 4th grader excels in math. It has made our...

By on May 16, 2016

We’ve been using Time4Learning since it became available to the public. Some years we used it as our only curriculum. Other times we used it to supplement something else we were using. My children have always done well with it. It’s interactive, self-paced and allows us to use different...

By on April 29, 2016

I love how interactive this homeschool program is! It’s absolutely wonderful for visual learners, keeps their attention, and is fun and understandable. I was also pleasantly surprised to see how affordable it is compared to other curriculum similar to it. I definitely recommend Time4Learning!

By on April 27, 2016

We love Time4Learning! We have been using it for years, and for our family, it has been a perfect fit. It’s online, affordable, easy to use, and now goes all the way through 12th grade. I think my favorite features of this program are that it does the grading and record keeping, which, as a...

By on April 17, 2016

We’ve used Time4Learning off and on since we began our homeschool journey over 10 years ago and love it. Now my daughter is using the high school classes! It has given her a lot of independence in her learning.

By on April 8, 2016

We have been homeschooling for many years. Currently we have kids in Kindergarten, 2nd, 5th, 7th and 9th using Time4Learning. Things our family loves: 1) Affordability (no contracts!); 2) Ability to design our own schedule (daily, weekly and even yearly – doing what is best for us!); 3)...

By on April 8, 2016

I have 4 children and work a full time job, and I LOVE Time4Learning! The learning modules are amazing and the best I saw out of all the various online homeschool options available. My children absolutely love them!!! They are fun, entertaining and make learning interesting for my children. In...

By on March 18, 2016

This is the first year I used T4L. My son, a 10 year old 4th grader, is very capable of signing on, seeing what work needs to be accomplished for the day and he gets it done with little to no help! He’s having fun while he learns! I love that I’m in control and […]

By on March 17, 2016

We love this homeschool curriculum! My boys (currently in grades 6 and 11) have used this program since early 2007. We tried workbooks and textbooks and those just didn’t work for us. My oldest responded VERY well to the online, interactive lessons, and my youngest followed suit. I love...

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