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High School Algebra II Curriculum

High School Algebra II Curriculum
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Students typically learn Algebra II in 11th grade. An Algebra II curriculum usually builds on knowledge and skills that are gained in Algebra I and reinforced in Geometry, including relationships between quantities through equations and inequalities, graphing of functions, and trigonometry.

In high school, Algebra II helps students gain an understanding of statistics and probability, exponents and logarithms, and mathematical modeling. In general, the Algebra II course covers components in four critical areas: functions, collecting and analyzing data, periodic phenomena, and polynomials.

Learn how to help your Algebra II student find success and why Time4Learning’s online algebra II course for high school may be the right choice for you:

How to Teach Algebra II

Teaching a higher-level math course can be challenging, particularly for those of us who took very different versions of math when we were in high school. The good news is that you do not have to do this alone. There are many resources available, and there are homeschoolers who have walked the path already.

Here are some steps to get you started toward success with high school Algebra II:

  • Follow the sequence of your Algebra II curriculum in order to ensure that topics are presented in a logical manner.
  • Encourage your 11th grader to set up an environment and schedule that will allow for sustained concentration for periods of learning that are not too long.
  • Since higher-level math courses tend to build on prior learning, help your child identify and address knowledge or skill gaps prior to moving onto new topics.
  • Check to make sure your 11th grader has good strategies for memorizing equations, studying processes, and checking answers.
  • Understand that 11th grade can be a stressful transitional period because your child may be balancing academics, work, activities, and a social life while looking forward to what is next after high school.  Be patient!
  • Vary the ways that information is presented, and seek multiple presentations (i.e., text, videos, demonstrations) for the more complex topics.
  • Provide your 11th grader with the flexibility and time to revisit material, use additional resources, and redo assignments, quizzes, and tests in order to achieve mastery.
  • Notice and help your child celebrate accomplishments in the course.
  • Reach out to other high school homeschoolers personally or online to get advice, find resources or tutors, or simply reassure yourself that you are doing the best for your child!

Learning Objectives for Algebra II

At this level, your child’s goals and objectives for Algebra II may be very specific, targeting discrete concepts or skills. Here are some examples of 11th grade Algebra II learning goals and objectives:

  • Evaluate sums, differences, products, and quotients of functions.
  • Use the discriminant to determine the number and type of roots of a quadratic equation.
  • Determine the roots of and factor a polynomial function.
  • Graph rational functions that have only vertical or horizontal asymptotes.
  • Write one-variable radical inequalities to model problems.
  • Solve logarithmic expressions by converting between logarithmic and exponential forms.
  • Compare sine, cosine, and tangent values for angles having the same reference angle.
  • Analyze a function rule or graph to determine transformations of the parent function.

Why Choose Time4Learning’s Algebra II Homeschool Curriculum?

Our Algebra II course is taught using a combination of multimedia lessons, instructional videos, quizzes, tests and both online and offline projects. Students can expect to see various concepts being covered including functions, equations, probability, statistics, matrices, and more.

Selecting Time4Learning’s Algebra II online course opens possibilities for customizing learning to your child’s strengths and needs. Thousands of families use our program as a complete full-year homeschooling curriculum, while others prefer it as an Algebra II summer course to help struggling students or to help them get ahead.

Below are just a few reasons why many parents and students prefer Time4Learning’s Algebra II curriculum:

As a Full Curriculum
  • More than 300 activities across 9 chapters included in our Algebra II lessons.
  • Practice standards and mathematical habits of mind are embedded throughout the Algebra II course.
  • Curriculum includes interactive activities, and many charts, diagrams, graphs, and simulations to enhance learning and support different types of learners.
  • Students experience real-world applications of the topics to create meaningful learning.
  • Students have access to student guides and tools (i.e., a variety of calculators and statistics tables).
  • A Student Note-taking Guide is available to support learning.
  • Students have the ability to revisit lessons and retake quizzes and tests.
  • Parents have access to planning and recordkeeping tools to make homeschooling easy and effective.
  • Organizing homeschool portfolios is quick and easy with our custom reports and automated grading.
As a Supplement
  • Our Algebra II lessons include a guiding lesson question to promote inquiry and focus on big ideas.
  • Tons of rich graphics, charts, diagrams, animations, and simulations, to help students visualize and relate to the content.
  • Our flexible and adaptive program can be used as a summer course for students looking to get ahead.
  • Tons of simulations that allow students to explore concepts visually with dynamic charts.
  • Student guides are included for a smooth start.
  • As an afterschool supplement, the Algebra II online course can be structured for short “quick hits” of learning.
  • Students can complete all or as much of the curriculum as is needed for reinforcement of skills or test preparation.
  • Learning is available 24/7.
  • No contracts, so access can start or stop anytime

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