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Middle School Life Science Curriculum

Middle School Life Science Curriculum
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A life science course is typically the recommended course for sixth grade students. A life science curriculum aims to teach students about the diverse life forms found throughout the world. Students will explore human biology, animals, plants, and more.

An online life science course teaches students using video instruction led by experienced teachers. Through rich graphics, animations, interactive tools, and virtual labs students will be immersed in an engaging learning experience that inspires and motivates them to learn more.

What is Taught in Middle School Life Science?

A middle school life science curriculum teaches students a number of important concepts pertaining to cells and heredity, the five kingdoms, human body systems, and ecology. Students will start the year by going over various principles crucial to any science study including scientific inquiry, hypotheses and analyzing data.

You can also expect your child to learn about the following:

  • Building blocks of life
  • Animal and plant cells
  • Birds and mammals
  • The immune system
  • Living things and the environment

Middle School Life Science Objectives

This year, student’s are expected to achieve various objectives in their life science curriculum. In order to do so, it’s important to find a comprehensive life science course that provides a variety of activity types to ensure students gain a thorough understanding of key concepts. By the end of the year, your child should be able to accomplish several learning objectives including:

  • Differentiate between atoms, elements, molecules, and compounds
  • Compare and contrast animal and plant cells
  • Identify the components and structure of DNA
  • Describe factors that contribute to the extinction of a species
  • Differentiate between learned and inherited behaviors

Why Choose Time4Learning’s Middle School Life Science Curriculum

There are many reasons to choose Time4Learning’s middle school life science curriculum. In addition to providing a comprehensive, award-winning curriculum to students that correlates to all state standards, parents also gain access to tons of helpful tools and resources.

Time4learning’s online life science course includes engaging instructional videos, fun virtual labs, interactive tools, and so much more. Experienced teachers guide students through each lesson and help them make real-world connections as they use humor and positive reinforcement to enhance learning and motivate students.

Whether you are looking for a life science course to use for your homeschool or to supplement what your child is learning at school, below are just some of the many advantages that you’ll gain when you use Time4Learning’s life science curriculum.

As a Full Curriculum
    Comprehensive curriculum correlates to all state standards.
  • Automated grading saves parents time.
  • Easy-to-access student reports help parents easily monitor their child’s progress.
  • Fun virtual labs mean that students don’t have to miss out on science projects.
  • Curriculum calculators and activity planners allow students to plan their year and work independently.
  • Ability to change courses at any time means that students can review material from another course or get a head start for the upcoming year.
As a Supplement
  • Detailed lesson plans help students easily locate specific topics and lessons.
  • 24/7 access means students can log in anytime, either after school or on weekends.
  • No contracts and month-to-month billing means families can use the curriculum as long as they need and cancel anytime.
  • Students can redo activities and lessons, as well as retake tests and quizzes to gain further understanding.
  • Student-paced approach means students can take their time with challenging topics.
  • Low monthly price and online format eliminate the need to drive to a learning center or hire a pricey tutor.

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