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Online Homeschool Elective Courses for At-Home Learning

Online Homeschool Elective Courses for At-Home Learning
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Beginning in middle school and throughout high school, students typically have more options when it comes to selecting courses. In addition to the core subjects of math, language arts, science, and social studies, students can choose to take elective courses to add variety to their education and enhance their learning experience. Whether you’d like to supplement your child’s current courses or give them the opportunity to further explore their interests, electives can make learning fun and even spark an interest in further study or possible career pathways.

How Should I Choose Electives?

The first step in choosing electives is contacting the Department of Education where you live to determine if your state has any homeschool requirements for elective courses. Once you have that information, you can explore the electives offered by Time4Learning. Our member support team can assist you with choosing electives or changing any current elective(s) your child is enrolled in. 

If your state doesn’t require any particular electives, then you can choose homeschool electives based on specific goals, hobbies, or interests your child has. In addition to giving your child independence and choices when it comes to what they learn, electives can help round out your child’s education by offering tons of variety. For students already thinking about college or career after graduation, homeschool electives can allow them discover what they are passionate about and help narrow down their options.

How Do Time4Learning Electives Work?

Time4Learning electives work the same way our courses in math, language arts, science, and social studies do. When families sign up, they can choose any four courses, in any subject, including electives. Additional courses can be added at any time at a cost of $5 per month for each additional course.  

For families with students in high school who are assigning credit values, a full-year elective course is worth one credit, while an elective that is one semester in length is worth half a credit. Currently, Time4Learning offers 15 high school electives and five middle school electives. The majority of these electives are a full year in length, with the exception of a few courses noted in the following sections.

Available Middle School Electives

Time4Learning currently offers nine middle school electives

  • Art History I
  • Computer Applications
  • Environmental Science
  • Intro to Art
  • Intro to Communications and Speech
  • Lifetime Fitness
  • MS Computer Science
  • Online Learning and Digital Citizenship (one semester)
  • Strategies for Academic Success

Available High School Electives

Students in grades 9-12 can choose from 15 high school electives. Additionally, high school students can access two middle school electives–MS Computer Science and Online Learning and Digital Citizenship.

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