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Online Summer School Curriculum

Online Summer School Curriculum
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Many families are choosing Time4Learning’s online curriculum for summer school to help their children catch up in language arts, math, science and social studies, while having the flexibility to enjoy the summer season. Here are the top reasons parents choose our award-winning curriculum for summer learning:

  • Helps students review and retain what they learned in the previous school year.
  • Fills in any learning gaps students may be experiencing.
  • Helps students get a head start for the upcoming grade level.
  • Delves deeper into academic subjects that spark their interest.
  • Uses interactivity and video game type experiences to make learning fun!

Let’s take a closer look at how Time4Learning works and what children can gain by using our curriculum to boost their academic skills over the summer.

*Please note: With pre-authorization, it is possible that Time4Learning – with proper supervision – could be approved by school authorities as a viable substitute for summer school.

Beat Summer Slide with an Online Summer School Curriculum!

The Time4Learning curriculum for summer learning provides an entire year’s worth of learning materials and makes it available throughout the summer so that your kids can review what they’ve learned, catch up on what they haven’t, and get prepared for the next school year.

Time4Learning can also be used as an interactive skill-sharpening tool or even to try out a new homeschool program for next year. No matter what areas your children need to brush up on this summer, you can find interactive lessons, engaging practice activities, and reinforcement materials in our flexible and affordable program for summer learning!

What Is Included In Time4Learning’s Summer Curriculum?

The best online summer learning programs are comprehensive enough to cover all the academic standards while keeping kids and teens engaged and motivated to learn. Time4Learning combines more than 3,500 summer school lessons, multimedia reinforcement activities, learning games, and assessments with reports into one convenient curriculum for students in Prek-12th grade.

With Time4Learning’s summer program:

  • Parents can set the grade levels independently for each subject so students learn at their own speed.
  • Students can access the grade above & below for review or acceleration (excludes high school courses).
  • You are in the driver’s seat. Your student can work through the curriculum sequentially or you can locate specific topics within different grade levels that they need additional help with.
  • Lessons are presented in small, manageable chunks to improve retention and mastery.
  • Students can repeat lessons as many times as they need if they don’t understand a concept.
  • Even the most difficult concepts become accessible through fun, multimedia-based lessons and activities.
  • An automated system grades lessons and tracks progress allowing parents to monitor their student’s improvement day-to-day.
  • All members have access to detailed lesson plans, 6-week learning plans, and teaching tools to review lesson contents.
  • Members receive 24/7 access to Time4Learning from anywhere, using most internet-connected devices.
  • Affordable membership is backed by a 14-day money-back guarantee. You can start, stop, or pause your membership at any time without penalty.

Don’t have a conventional learner? Time4Learning is not a conventional curriculum. Families with either gifted children and/or children with learning differences find that Time4Learning’s flexible, student-paced, and fun approach works for kids with many different learning needs.

Language Arts Curriculum for Summer Learning

Time4Learning’s language arts curriculum offers a great selection of lessons for summer learning. With over 1700+ activities, animated lessons, instructional videos, worksheets, quizzes, and both online and offline projects, students have the resources to develop literacy skills from the basics through college and career readiness.

Language arts delivery varies by grade level

  1. The preschool to 8th grade language arts curriculum is available by grade level and is organized into two sections covering Language Arts & Language Arts Extensions.
    • Language Arts: 2600+ multimedia lessons that teach and reinforce lessons covering phonics, fluency, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, reading comprehension, writing processes and more.
    • Language Arts Extensions: 1600+ activities can be used to supplement the language arts curriculum. Lessons cover reading comprehension strategies, grammar, writing, literature, spelling rules & more.
  2. The high school English language arts curriculum is organized into four individual courses with over 1200+ activities. The courses emphasize writing and higher order thinking skills. Courses are designed to help students achieve college and career readiness.

Language Arts Summer Curriculum

View our Interactive Summer Language Arts Program in Action. Choose your grade level and try a demo lesson.

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Online Summer Math Lessons

Time4Learning’s math curriculum is one of the best summer learning programs for remediation. It includes a combination of conceptual explanations, interactive activities and assessments that are presented by fun, animated characters at the student’s pace. Our lessons are designed to reduce the math anxiety that often comes when students open their textbook, and instead, help them adopt a “can-do” attitude.

Math delivery varies by grade level:

  1. Elementary summer math (700+ activities) kids will learn number theory, order of operations, value and meaning, math relationships, word problems, measurement (currency), geometry basics (shapes) and values. Time4Learning members also receive a free subscription to Time4MathFacts which utilizes fun games to engage kids in retention of the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts.
  2. Middle school summer math  (1600+ activities) is organized by skill level. After the animated intro, students are eased into activities teaching number sense, geometry, measurement, spatial reasoning and more.
  3. High school summer math (900+ activities) is organized into five individual courses. Each course is designed to engage students with practical, real-life math problems and includes a combination of lessons, worksheets, tools, and assessments.

Math Summer Curriculum

View our Interactive Summer Math Program in Action. Choose your grade level and try a demo lesson.

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Science Summer Learning Curriculum

The Time4Learning science curriculum is available for K-12 students. Throughout the curriculum, parents can expect students to cover the scientific method, physical science, earth science, energy and more, with over 700 activities.

The elementary level science curriculum is perfect for summer study with interactive lessons, engaging activities, and hands-on projects that help students retain information and motivate them to learn more.

Our middle school science curriculum is made up of three courses: life science, Earth science, and physical science. Whether your middle schooler has been struggling with specific STEM-related concepts or just needs a science refresher, the rich graphics, charts, animations, and interactive tools can help you create fun and engaging summer learning activities.

The high school science curriculum is organized into five individual courses that include over 1,100 activities designed to engage students in practical, real-life, engaging science experiments. Even the most complex topics become accessible when demonstrated through video explanations and animated examples.

Science Summer Curriculum

View our Interactive Summer Science Program in Action. Choose your grade level and try a demo lesson.

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Social Studies for Summer Learning

Time4Learning offers a social studies curriculum for second grade through high school.

Our elementary social studies courses contain hundreds of entertaining online lessons and interactive activities to build summer skills in everything from national holidays to the U.S. constitution.

Middle schoolers who use Time4Learning for summer learning will get a comprehensive middle school social studies program for additional practice in courses like Ancient World History, Civics, Government & Economics, and World Cultures & Geography. Each subject is taught through a combination of interactive videos led by experienced teachers as well as multimedia tools like maps, charts, graphs, and more.

At the high school level, history and social studies is organized into four courses The standards-based courses use video instruction, interactive exercises, and challenging assignments to create a comprehensive and immersive learning experience that will greatly enhance summer study.

Social Studies Summer Curriculum

View our Interactive Summer Social Studies Program in Action. Choose your grade level and try a demo lesson.

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