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4th Grade Online Curriculum

4th Grade Online Curriculum
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Is your fourth grader questioning your decisions, challenging your authority, and expressing opinions different than your own? Congratulations! You have an independent learner. Although frustrating for parents, a child’s contrariness can mean something quite positive for his or her homeschooling. It means your student is ready to take at least some of the reins on their learning.

A typical course of study for 4th grade curriculum includes language arts, math, social studies, and science. This page contains information on what fourth graders learn, how to homeschool 4th grade, what to look for in a fourth grade curriculum, and more.

What Do Fourth Graders Learn?

In 4th grade, students will learn to use research tools to write reports. They will master addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills and start to explore simple geometry.
They will read and create their own charts, graphs, and tables. At this age, fourth grade science students will start to understand the complexity of the systems in nature. And this year, 4th graders will focus on everything from ancient civilizations to modern economic principles in social studies.

  • Let’s look at some of the concepts 4th graders will acquire this year:
  • They will solve multi-step word problems using all four operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • They will learn how to find the perimeter and area of a shape by counting units.
  • They will learn how to write chronological pieces, pieces focusing on cause and effect and pieces that draw from personal experience while spelling frequent words correctly.
  • They will learn about changes in matter and energy, as well as expand their knowledge about the solar system and the universe.
    They will learn about the Mesopotamian, Egyptian and other ancient civilizations.

Learn more about how Time4Learning can help your students achieve their academic goals by viewing our 4th grade scope and sequence and our 4th grade lesson plans pages.

4th Grade Curriculum Overview

A typical fourth grade curriculum will ensure math fact fluency while promoting higher levels of reading comprehension. Fourth graders will become familiar with different ancient cultures and civilizations as well as expand their knowledge in different science topics.

During your hunt for the ideal 4th grade curriculum, take these recommendations into consideration:

  • Are the lessons presented in a clear and fun way to avoid frustration and motivate students to learn?
  • Do the concepts help students make real world connections and make sense of what is around them?
  • How is progress being measured?
  • How flexible is the program to meet your child’s needs without creating additional administrative work for the parent?
  • What opportunities are available to reinforce skills?
  • How is the curriculum addressing critical thinking and problem solving skills?

Since homeschooling requirements vary by state, it’s important that you research your state’s homeschool laws to ensure the curriculum you choose meets those requirements.

4th Grade Math Curriculum

Building on the skills they learned in third grade, fourth graders are guided through fractions, decimals, geometry, algebra, measurement, and probability.  Math fact fluency continues to be a huge focus providing practice in foundation skill areas that are necessary for math success.
For more detailed information, visit our Math Curriculum for 4th Graders page.

4th Grade Language Arts Curriculum

The Time4Learning curriculum constitutes a solid fourth grade homeschool language arts program correlated to state standards. Expanding vocabulary, improving reading comprehension and developing active listening and critical thinking to enhance understanding is essential at this grade level.
For more detailed information, visit our Language Arts Curriculum for 4th Graders page.

4th Grade Science Curriculum

Time4Learning’s fourth grade science curriculum contains a number of lessons, supplemental worksheets and quizzes, organized into an assortment of chapters to help students interpret different scientific concepts such as changes in matter and energy, the basic principles of sound and so much more.
For more detailed information, visit our Science Curriculum for 4th Graders page.

4th Grade Social Studies Curriculum

Fourth graders continue to practice social studies skills by studying various periods of history (both ancient and modern) and by using their reading comprehension skills to analyze cause and effect and get a “big picture” perspective of their world.
For more detailed information, visit our Social Studies Curriculum for 4th Graders page.

How to Homeschool a 4th Grader

You’re not alone in your homeschooling journey. We know that sometimes it’s hard to figure out where to start. So we’ve put together some information for you on:
  • How to get started
  • How to create a schedule
  • How to put a plan together
  • What books you can add to your reading list and more!
Learn more about how to homeschool fourth grade here.

Why Choose Time4Learning 4th Grade Homeschool Curriculum?

Choosing the best homeschool curriculum for your fourth grader can feel like a daunting task. Usually though, the right choice is whatever program or mix of programs most closely matches your family’s overall homeschool goals and your child’s ideal learning style.

Time4Learning is popular with so many families because it is varied and flexible enough to be used with a wide range of homeschool styles. For over 16 years, thousands of families have trusted Time4Learning as their primary curriculum for their homeschool or as a supplemental afterschool skill building program to ensure their children excel in the traditional school setting.

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