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Lesson Demo Videos

Lesson Demo Videos

See how Time4Learning’s interactive education would work for your children and how you can plan and monitor their progress.

PreK Demos

Time4Learning’s PreK curriculum includes interactive puzzles, memory matching games, and activities that will help build a strong learning foundation in your student.
PreK overview screenshot
PreK Overview
The Time4Learning PreK curriculum includes 60+ chapters and 350+ activities.
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K – 2nd Grade Demos

In Time4Learning’s early elementary curriculum, students build skills that will shape their reading ability, learn math concepts including addition and subtraction, and explore Earth’s weather in science as well as basic human needs in social studies.
K - 2nd overview screenshot
K – 2nd Overview
K - 2nd Math screenshot
K – 2nd Math Lessons
K - 2nd Language Arts screenshot
K – 2nd Language Arts Lessons
K - 2nd Science screenshot
K – 2nd Science Lessons
K - 2nd Social Studies screenshot
K – 2nd Social Studies Lessons
K - 2nd Time4MathFacts screenshot
Time4Learning’s K-2nd curriculum includes 170+ chapters and 2,800+ activities, worksheets, and quizzes.
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3rd – 5th Grade Demos

Time4Learning’s upper elementary curriculum takes students into more complex topics such as reading strategies, the writing process, multiplying and dividing decimals, the economic role of government, and identifying sources of energy to name a few.
3rd - 5th overview screenshot
3rd – 5th Overview
3rd - 5th Math screenshot
3rd – 5th Math Lessons
3rd - 5th Language Arts screenshot
3rd – 5th Language Arts Lessons
3rd - 5th Science screenshot
3rd – 5th Science Lessons
3rd - 5th Social Studies screenshot
3rd – 5th Social Studies Lessons
3 - 5th Time4MathFacts screenshot
Time4Learning’s upper elementary curriculum includes 180+ chapters and 3,900+ activities, worksheets, and quizzes.
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Middle School Demos

Time4Learning’s middle school curriculum introduces skills like literature-based vocabulary, graphing linear equations, and distinguishing between speed and distance.
Middle School overview screenshot
Middle School Overview
Middle School Math screenshot
Middle School Math Lessons
Middle School Language Arts screenshot
Middle School Language Arts Lessons
Middle School Science screenshot
Middle School Science Lessons
Middle School Social Studies screenshot
Middle School Social Studies Lessons
Middle School Science screenshot
Middle School Electives Lessons
Time4Learning’s Middle School curriculum includes 5,000+ activities spread over 20 courses, Middle Schoolers can customize their learning paths to help ensure college and career readiness.
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High School Demos

Analyzing short stories and novels, learning precalculus and trigonometry, investigating organisms, and comparing systems of government and foreign policies are just a few of the skills that students acquire with Time4Learning’s high school curriculum.
High School overview screenshot
High School Overview
High School Math screenshot
High School Math Lessons
High School Language Arts screenshot
High School Language Arts Lessons
High School Science screenshot
High School Science Lessons
High School Social Studies screenshot
High School Social Studies Lessons
High School Electives screenshot
High School Electives Lessons
Time4Learning’s high school curriculum includes 5,000+ activities spread over 20 courses, high schoolers can customize their learning paths to help ensure college and career readiness.
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