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Military Homeschool

Military Homeschool
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More parents are weighing the benefits of homeschooling their military kids and searching for a curriculum to best fit this lifestyle.  Time4Learning can be a great solution! 

You can begin homeschooling at any time – for example, if your next PCS happens midyear. In addition to packing up and moving to a new home, it can be complicated for your child to adapt to all the changes between school systems – different curriculums, teaching styles, grading systems, ‘school rules’, etc. 

Homeschooling removes the issues of continued academic disruption. Once you have started your homeschooling journey, while your location and ‘paperwork’ may vary, you’ll find it can provide your student with educational security and consistency, creating a lasting impact.

Starting Homeschool as a Military Family

Making the leap to homeschool may feel daunting – especially when you are part of a somewhat nomadic military lifestyle. You’ll need to determine the homeschooling requirements for your area. While homeschooling is legal in all 50 states, you will be required to follow the homeschooling laws of the state where your children physically reside. Our state-specific homeschooling information and resource guides are filled with tips for getting started, coverage of related state laws, state/local groups, field trips, and more. 

For those stationed OCONUS on military orders, you’ll enjoy even more homeschooling freedom – with no specific homeschooling requirements to follow. It is still highly recommended to maintain student records, especially for high school credits, transcripts, graduation plans, and beyond. 

Time4Learning Program for Military Families

The next big decision is to settle on a curriculum that works best for your military family and also fits a variety of learning styles. At Time4Learning, we understand your family time is precious. We offer a homeschooling program that includes time-saving tools such as easy-to-follow lesson plans, and automated reporting and grading. 

With Time4Learning’s PreK – 12th grade curriculum, students can progress from one grade level to the next smoothly, without interruption. Students work at their own pace, with the ability to repeat lessons if needed. 

Military parents will appreciate the ability to create a custom-fit education for their student’s unique needs. For example, if your child needs additional help in math, you’ll have the option to drop back to review a concept temporarily or even set the grade level individually by subject. Students ready for a greater challenge can be moved ahead when ready. Changes can be made at any time from your parent account. 

Here are some additional reasons why Time4Learning may be the right choice for your military family: 

  • Accessible worldwide: Our online curriculum can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Operates on “military time”: Vacations, days off, even daily schedules can be adjusted to best fit your family and maximize your time together. Time4Learning is available 24/7. 
  • Space-saver: Military housing is not often known for ample storage. There’s no need to have heavy textbooks hogging your limited space. Time4Learning only requires room for your computer and is filled with hundreds of activities for each subject, including practice lessons, instruction, exams, etc. It is also PCS-friendly. Pack up the laptop and go! 
  • Ready to Deploy: Time4Learning is easy to use for both parents and students. You’ll have access to all lesson plans, worksheets, answer keys, reporting tools, and more. You can opt to create a customized planner for the school year with a few simple clicks or have your student dive in! Parents can preview, skip, or repeat lessons as desired. Students can navigate to lessons either from their assigned planner or course page. With Time4Learning, you’re in full control. 
  • Feel free to explore! One of the best parts of being a military family is the ability to ‘see the world’! With Time4Learning, you can tie in lessons and activities with your new surroundings, utilize our state field trip guides to find hidden gems, immerse in new cultures, and perhaps learn a foreign language
  • We’ve got your ‘six’: Our Customer Service team is here for you. You’ll find handy tips and step-by-step instructions available. You can also reach us through your parent account, via our website, phone, or social media. We’re here to support you throughout your homeschooling journey.

Financial Assistance for Military Families

Time4Learning is honored to have an opportunity to serve all military families who we recognize sacrifice so very much. As a small token of our appreciation, we proudly extend a LIFETIME military discount of 10% off your Time4Learning membership. To claim, please contact us with proof of military service.

PreK - 5th

  • Monthly, per student

6th - 12th

  • Monthly, per student

30% off each additional student

Discount applied to the student(s) of equal or lesser value.

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