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Middle School World Cultures and Geography

Middle School World Cultures and Geography
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World cultures and geography is the study of physical and human geography. A world cultures curriculum is typically organized by region and allows students to explore global cultures as they analyze populations, settlement patterns, and how these affect the physical environment.

A world cultures class will also give students the opportunity to analyze and compare various factors such as development, systems of government, and standards of living in different parts of the world including the U.S., Asia, Africa, and Latin America, just to name a few.

What Do You Teach in World Cultures and Geography?

A world cultures curriculum should cover a number of topics including  geography, economy, government, history, and of course, culture. An introduction to the principles of geography and maps is typically the focus of the initial chapter(s).

When teaching middle school world geography, it’s also important to focus on in-depth studies of the world’s regions, their physical and political geography, ancient civilizations, the various cultures of that area and their characteristics.

As you teach world cultures and geography, remember to help students make real-world connections and provide positive reinforcement.  In addition, be sure to incorporate domain-specific vocabulary as well as reading and writing assignments so that students can continue to expand their literacy skills.

Learning Objectives for World Cultures and Geography

Middle school world geography gives students a comprehensive look into the cultures, climates, and physical features of the planet’s regions.  A world cultures curriculum should help your student achieve a number of important learning objectives to help prepare them for future studies.

Some of these objectives include being able to:

  • Define geography as a field of study
  • Understand the division of Earth into continents, oceans and hemispheres
  • Distinguish between race and ethnicity
  • Differentiate between developed and developing countries
  • Identify and locate the major climate regions of the U.S. and Canada
  • Gain an appreciation of the different cultures and traditions.

Why Choose Time4Learning World Cultures Class?

Time4Learning’s world cultures and geography curriculum is a year-long, comprehensive course that presents material using a fun, engaging approach. Students are taught through a combination of interactive videos led by experienced teachers as well as multimedia tools like maps, charts, graphs, and more.

Whether you’re looking for a complete world cultures curriculum for your seventh grader or an after school supplement to help them reinforce and review important concepts, Time4Learning’s flexible, student-paced approach can help meet your child’s unique needs and help him or her achieve their goals.

Time4Learning includes tons of time-saving tools and resources for parents, as well as access to knowledgeable customer support representatives to answer any questions.

Below are some more reasons why families choose Time4Learning’s middle school world geography curriculum:

As a Full Curriculum
  • Comprehensive curriculum helps students master important concepts in physical and human geography.
  • Automated grading and recordkeeping saves parents time and makes it simple to print and create homeschool portfolios.
  • Self-paced approach means students can either finish the course early or take the time they need.
  • Flexibility to change courses any time means that students can take a different 7th grade social studies course.
  • Tools like activity planners and curriculum calculators help students plan for the year and work independently.
  • Lessons include reading and writing activities to help reinforce literacy skills .
  • Closed-captioning in videos ensures students with different learning abilities are supported.
As a Supplement
  • Flexible format allows students to work on the units and lessons they need help with rather than have to go through the entire course.
  • 24/7 access means students can log in whenever it’s convenient for them, whether it’s after school or on weekends.
  • Students have the option to pick and choose which lessons and topics they complete and skip those they don’t need.
  • Helpful lesson plans allow members to easily and quickly locate specific topics and lessons within the world cultures curriculum.
  • Fun, online format is convenient and eliminates the need to drive to a tutor or learning center.
  • Month to month billing means there are no contracts and families can cancel anytime.
  • Can be used for after school or summer learning.

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