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High School Geometry Curriculum

High School Geometry Curriculum
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Time4Learning’s Geometry curriculum is one of five math courses offered at the high school level. Students can expect to see various concepts being covered including points, lines, and planes, logic and reasoning, angles, slopes, triangles, polygons, circles, volume, area, and more.

Our online geometry course addresses the critical areas of congruence, proof, and constructions, trigonometry, three-dimensional figures and more. These areas of importance will help students apply geometric concepts in modeling situations, solve novel problems, reason abstractly, and think critically.

High School Geometry is usually auto-assigned to Time4Learning students in grade 10. However, parents can choose a different math course if they prefer. Read on to learn more about our homeschool Geometry curriculum.

How to Teach Geometry

Teaching high school geometry is an important step in expanding your child’s foundation in math. It gives them the opportunity to build on their conceptual understanding of rigid transformations established in middle school and make algebraic connections that they’ve learned in the past.
The following tips will help parents teach high school geometry lessons:

  • Use graphics, charts, diagrams, and animations to enrich your child’s learning experience.
  • Incorporate multimedia devices, videos and printed materials.
  • Mix in real-life topics to make the material more relevant.
  • Include rubrics, checklists, and grading tools for easier grading of written assignments and projects.
  • Provide plenty of instruction so that your student fully understands the assignments.
  • Use the proper educational tools that will make teaching geometry entertaining and interesting.
  • Measure your child’s progress at the end of each lesson/chapter with a quiz, test or other assessment method.

Learning Objectives for Geometry

A high school geometry curriculum will include multiple objectives for students. By the end of tenth grade students should have a grasp on geometric transformations, right triangle relationships and trigonometry, applications of probability and more.
Additional objectives for high school geometry include:

  • Applying  the protractor postulate and angle addition postulate to calculate angle measures.
  • Constructing parallel and perpendicular lines.
  • Determining unknown measures of congruent figures.
  • Solving real-world problems involving special right triangles.
  • Applying properties of parallelograms to solve problems.
  • Determining the radian measure of a central angle.
  • Calculating probabilities using the addition rule.

Why Choose Time4Learning Geometry Homeschool Curriculum

You can use Time4Learning’s geometry curriculum as a full time homeschool curriculum, a skill-building tool, or summer learning program. The combination of multimedia elements, methods of instruction, parental tools and more makes teaching geometry much less stressful for parents.
You become a part of the team concept that Time4Learning has developed over many years. Parents direct their child’s education and maintain records and portfolio information, while Time4Learning’s online geometry course instructs your child on the critical areas of the subject..
Time4Learning also includes these additional benefits:

As a Full Curriculum
  • On-screen teachers that step “out of the box” and into real-world settings to engage students and apply mathematical concepts in context.
  • Over 400 activities in which students use interactive tools to investigate properties of geometric figures, complete geometric constructions and more with immediate feedback.
  • Automated grading and tracking system that tracks your child’s progress and keeps reports for homeschool portfolio usage.
  • An abundance of rich graphics, charts, diagrams, animations, and simulations, which help students relate to and visualize the content.
  • Performance tasks, which allow students to demonstrate understanding with meaningful, real-world applications.
  • Meets national standards for tenth graders.
  • Our curriculum is a certified autism resource by IBCCES, making sure students with special needs are supported.
As a Supplement
  • To promote inquiry and a focus on big ideas, every lesson includes a guiding lesson question.
  • A Student Note-taking Guide is available for download, to support lesson adherence and test preparation.
  • Students have access to a graphing calculator and a Geometry Handbook.
  • A safe, secure, and ad free online learning environment accessible 24/7 making it easy for after school skill building and summer learning.
  • A diverse group of experienced teachers guide students through the content, combining rigorous instruction and modeling of important skills.
  • Appealing visuals, written, spoken and hands-on materials to engage different types of learners.

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