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Preschool Lesson Plans

Preschool Lesson Plans
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A majority of homeschoolers rely on lesson plans to help them plan their year, stay on schedule, and stay organized. That’s why Time4Learning provides preschool lesson plans to help families like yours save time and stay on task.

Whether you want to create your own PreK lesson plans or discover what’s included in Time4Learning’s preschool lesson plans, this page will give you insight into all those things and more.

How to Make a Lesson Plan for Preschool

As the parent of a preschooler, we know you’re very busy. To save you time and make life somewhat easier, Time4Learning provides you with preschool lesson plans.

If you plan on incorporating other PreK lessons into your child’s homeschool, or if you just want to create your own PreK lesson plans, below you’ll find the necessary steps to help you get started.

  • Start with an objective for each PreK lesson.
  • Write out the lesson in outline form and include any materials needed.
  • Break your lesson up into a timeline.
  • Warm students up for the lesson with an introduction, whether it’s by asking questions, singing a song, or reading a story.
  • Present the information in an engaging, fun way starting with basic facts.
  • Assign a hands-on activity to gauge how much they understand now that you’ve taught the lesson.
  • Give students time to ask questions or clear up any confusion.
  • Wrap up the lesson by going over the concept one more time and/or incorporating a song or story about the topic.

Preschool Math Lesson Plans

Time4Learning’s preschool lesson plans for math help students begin to understand basic math concepts and related vocabulary. Themes like ‘Numbers’, ‘Measurement’, and ‘My Shapes’ will allow students to learn how to recognize numbers and shapes through stories, matching games, puzzles, and more.

Preschool students will also:

  • Order and recognize numbers 1-10
  • Build an understanding and recognition of basic shapes
  • Learn addition concepts and mathematical equations
  • Explore concepts of long and short and shortest to tallest

Preschool Language Arts Lesson Plans

This year, students will start the exciting process of learning to read. Engaging literacy activities introduce students to the letters of the alphabet and help them begin to build their vocabulary and phonological awareness. Preschool lesson themes like ‘Rhyme Time’ and ‘At the Library’ explore these concepts with fun stories, characters and interactive activities.

Lessons will focus on teaching the following:

  • Letter recognition through visual and audio reinforcement
  • Capital and lowercase letters
  • Different parts of a book
  • Rhyming words

Preschool Science Lesson Plans

Preschool themes like ‘Weather’, ‘At the Zoo’, and ‘All About Seasons’ will introduce students to important science concepts that will allow them to begin to understand how the world around them works. A variety of interactive activities within each chapter provides a well-rounded approach to science that includes ordering, painting, matching, and more.

Students will explore the following science concepts:

  • Introduction to the four seasons and different kinds of weather
  • The food chain, water cycle, habitats, and more
  • Identifying natural and man-made sounds
  • Ocean animals and their characteristics

Preschool Social Studies Lesson Plans

Students will learn a number of social studies concepts this year as they explore themes like ‘In My Neighborhood’, ‘Pets’, ‘Days of the Week’, and ‘Sports’ just to name a few. Students will also learn new vocabulary and practice initial sounds, sorting, rhyming, and more.

Lessons will teach topics like:

  • Different kinds of neighborhoods and the things you find in them
  • Animals kept as pets versus wild animals
  • Common sports, their equipment, and the concept of good sportsmanship
  • The order of the days of the week

What Is Included In Time4Learning’s Preschool Lesson Plans?

The Time4Learning preschool lesson plans include tons of helpful information on each and every preschool activity. Whether you want to create your own lesson plans or simply get an idea of what your child will be learning, our PreK lesson plans will provide all the information you need such as:

  1. Name of each lesson and activity
  2. Description and objective
  3. Activity number

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