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Middle School Ancient World History Curriculum

Middle School Ancient World History Curriculum
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Ancient world history is the suggested social studies courses for 6th grade students. An ancient world history curriculum will allow students to learn about the history of ancient civilizations, geography, early economies, forms of government, and more. This will give students a better understanding of how the modern world came to be by allowing them to discover how the contributions of ancient peoples impact us today.

Why Do We Study Ancient World History?

The study of ancient world history is important because it helps students make connections with the people of ancient world history. It allows young learners to understand the impact that ancient civilizations made on the modern world and learn from the mistakes they made. In addition, students can learn about their unique roots and how traditional beliefs came to be.

Below are a few more reasons why we study ancient world history.

  • Early mankind and the development of human societies
  • Explore physical and human geography
  • Learn how civilizations developed and interacted
  • Learn about and compare early economies
  • Exposure to different cultures from around the world
  • Learn about the influence of different religions

How to Teach Ancient World History

Teaching ancient world history can be a fun experience for both you and your student. Getting your child engaged and excited about the history of ancient civilizations doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming.

Below are a few steps to help you get started.

  • Teach using the sequence of your ancient world history homeschool curriculum. This will typically be in chronological order so that it’s easy for your child to build on what they already know.
  • Help your child make connections to other cultures and civilizations by comparing your own, and discussing differences and similarities.
  • Incorporate hands-on activities throughout your lessons to maximize learning.
  • Take your time when learning about longer, more complex time periods.
  • Engage your student by asking them questions and having discussions about what they’re learning.
  • Use different resources and mediums to enhance learning and reinforce material.
  • Incorporate field trips whenever possible. This will give your child a more in-depth learning experience and will bring what they are learning about to life.
  • Measure your child’s progress with a test or another assessment method.

Why Choose Time4Learning’s Middle School Ancient World History Curriculum

Middle school students will get excited about ancient civilizations of the world with our immersive activities and easy to use structure. Our online curriculum does more than just teach students about ancient world history.

The ancient world history homeschool curriculum for middle school also helps students build their reading and writing skills as well as develop their historical inquiry skills so that they can better analyze information, interpret maps, make comparisons, and more.

Below are more reasons to choose Time4Learning’s interactive ancient world history curriculum whether you use it as part of your core homeschool curriculum or as a supplement.

As a Full Curriculum
  • Yearlong course provides a comprehensive curriculum that correlates to all state standards
  • 10 chapters cover topics such as Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, Early Civilization of India, and more
  • Course helps students learn to analyze the geographic, political, economic, religious, and social structures of the early civilizations
  • Lessons feature maps, charts, graphs, photographs, and videos
  • Lessons include content-specific vocabulary to help improve literacy skills
  • Engaging projects as well as reading and writing assignments help reinforce material
  • Automated grading and recordkeeping features save parents time
  • Activity planners and curriculum calculators help keep students organized and working independently
As a Supplement
  • Students can access course 24/7, making it perfect for after school or even weekend study sessions
  • Engaging stories and enriching lessons help increase student knowledge of the history of ancient civilizations
  • Warm-up activities engage students and activate prior knowledge
  • Interactive reading assignments allow students to highlight important information and add sticky notes
  • Self-paced format means students can take their time with challenging concepts and progress at a quicker pace with those they have mastered
  • Video lessons include closed-captioning, making it an added benefit especially for students with special needs
  • Students have the option to repeat lessons and even retake tests and quizzes

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