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2nd Grade Homeschool Curriculum

2nd Grade Homeschool Curriculum
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Second graders are curious by nature and interested in learning how things work. That’s why if you are preparing to homeschool 2nd grade, you are in for an exciting year of education! You are probably looking for a 2nd grade curriculum that not only will keep your student motivated to learn, but also keeps you motivated to guide them to their full potential.

This page contains information on what second graders learn, how to homeschool second grade, what to look for in a second grade curriculum, and more.

What do second graders learn?

Second graders continue to improve their reading skills, practice addition and subtraction, as well as improve their problem-solving skills while also becoming more proficient in computational skills. A second grade education includes a strong focus on reading, language arts and number logic. As second graders learn to read more independently they will progress in fluency, analysis and comprehension.

Some of the skills and concepts your second grader will learn include:

  • More in-depth reading comprehension skills
  • Gaining further understanding and correct use of nouns and verbs
  • Learning multiple-meaning words
  • How to write a story with a clear beginning, middle, and end
  • Adding and subtracting more quickly and accurately
  • Solving more challenging word problems in math
  • Telling time and understanding units of time
  • Understanding the various physical and chemical changes in matter
  • Distinguishing between human wants and needs
  • Learning national symbols, historic places, and holidays

Learn more about how Time4Learning can help your students achieve their academic goals by viewing our 2nd grade scope and sequence and our 2nd grade lesson plans pages.

2nd Grade Curriculum Overview

A typical second grade curriculum will vary depending on the state you live in. In general, a second grade education should focus on helping students continue to build their reading and writing skills, as well as improve their researching and critical thinking skills.

When researching a second grade homeschool curriculum, it’s important to ensure that it:

  • Makes learning fun with interactive content that keeps your child engaged and stimulated.
  • Teaches fundamental concepts in all the core subjects to help students meet learning objectives.
  • Assesses students periodically to ensure mastery and understanding of content.
  • Provides plenty of opportunities for extra practice and reinforcement.
  • Allows students to work at their own pace so they can fully understand concepts and material.
  • Includes activities that help students build important critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Since homeschooling requirements vary by state, it’s important that you research your state’s homeschool laws to ensure the curriculum you choose meets those requirements.

2nd Grade Math Curriculum

Time4Learning’s math curriculum helps students understand and master mathematical topics using interactive math lessons, printable worksheets, quizzes and chapter tests. Our second grade curriculum teaches concepts such as two-digit addition, simple multiplication and division, measuring length of objects, exploring probability and more.

For more detailed information, visit our Math Curriculum for 2nd Graders page.

2nd Grade Language Arts Curriculum

Time4Learning’s online 2nd grade curriculum offers language arts lessons taught by colorful animated characters that sing, explain, and interact with the students. Our activities focus on building skills such as using punctuation appropriately, expanding sight word vocabulary, exploring a variety of literary genres and more.

For more detailed information, visit our Language Arts Curriculum for 2nd Graders page.

2nd Grade Science Curriculum

Second graders are able to begin thinking more abstractly. That means that they are ready to become adept scientists—categorizing, observing, and interpreting the world around them. Some of the topics covered in our second grade curriculum for science include patterns in nature, force and motion, Earth and space.

For more detailed information, visit our Science Curriculum for Second Graders page.

2nd Grade Social Studies Curriculum

A second grader is ready to learn not only about the people who affect their current lives, but those who have had an impact on them historically. In addition to learning topics required by your state, our social studies lessons for second graders focus on using maps and globes, learning about people and places that are significant to American history among other topics.

For more detailed information, visit our Social Studies Curriculum for Second Graders page.

How to Homeschool a Second Grader

Pinning down a 2nd grade program is usually top of the list for homeschool families, but there are so many other aspects of homeschooling.  We know that you have plenty of questions about how to approach this important year. We’ve compiled information on:

  • How to get started
  • Putting together a schedule
  • Creating an instruction plan
  • Starter reading book list

Learn more about how to homeschool second grade here.

Why Choose Time4Learning 2nd Grade Homeschool Curriculum?

Choosing from the myriad of curriculum options for 2nd grade can be overwhelming.  The overall goal, though, is to find a curriculum, or mix of programs that aligns with how your child learns best. Time4Learning is the best homeschool curriculum choice for many families because it is flexible enough to fit a wide variety of needs.

For over 16 years, thousands of families have successfully homeschooled their students using Time4Learning as their primary curriculum. Thousands more have also used our curriculum to supplement what their student is learning at school.

Below are just some of the benefits and features you can expect.

As a Full Curriculum
  • Comprehensive curriculum includes a year’s worth of material presented in a suggested sequence.
  • Math and language arts curriculum correlates to all state standards.
  • Engaging curriculum teaches important concepts using animated characters, fun videos, and more.
  • Printable worksheets help students practice fine motor skills and reinforce online lessons.
  • Detailed lesson plans include information on each lesson and activity.
  • Curriculum calculators help parents plan their homeschool year.
  • Automated grading and recordkeeping saves parents time and makes it easy to create homeschool portfolios.
  • Members have access to reading lists, spelling lists and science supply lists to help supplement online material.
As a Supplement
  • 24/7 access means that students can log in any time, after school, and even on weekends.
  • Adjustable grade levels allow students to work on different grade levels by subject.
  • Access to one level above and one below means that students can review first grade concepts or get a head start for third grade.
  • No commitment, month-to-month curriculum subscription; start, stop or pause your membership at any time.
  • Self-paced learning is ideal for gifted students, students with special needs, and all levels in between.
  • Students can skip lessons on concepts they’ve already mastered and only work on those they need extra practice on.
  • Flexible curriculum allows students to repeat lessons, and even retake tests and quizzes.

FAQ’s About Homeschooling 2nd Grade

What age are kids in second grade? In traditional schooling in the U.S., second graders are usually 7-8 years old. However, homeschooling families often put less emphasis on aligning grade levels with age, preferring to use grade levels to indicate actual educational progression.

What grade do kids learn multiplication? While the foundation for it is established as early as preschool, direct instruction in multiplication usually begins in 2nd or 3rd grade. Students can practice and master crucial math facts with Time4MathFacts, which is built into Time4Learning and provided at no extra cost to members.

Where can I find second grade lesson plans? Time4Learning allows parents to view the full scope and sequence covered in the second grade curriculum. You can view our lesson plans for 2nd grade by subject here..

What are the writing standards for second grade? According to Time4Writing, second graders will become familiar with the writing process, will write for different purposes and audiences, and will incorporate English language conventions such as distinguishing between complete and incomplete sentences and using quotation marks correctly.

How can I prepare my child for second grade? Because second grade is such a literary year, look for creative ways to reinforce reading skills. Some of the skills you can instill in your child to get ready for 2nd grade include:

  • Having your child read aloud to you before bed, instead of the other way around.
  • Ask your child to explain to you, in his or her own words, what has just happened in the passage.
  • Add and subtract numbers in 10’s and 20’s (for example: 20+10 or 40-10)
  • Being able to tell time on an analog clock.

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