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High School English Language Arts Curriculum

High School English Language Arts Curriculum
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Four years of high school language arts are required for graduation, and these will usually focus on critical reading and writing skills during the freshman and sophomore years then on literature during the junior and senior years. At all grade levels, an effective high school language arts curriculum integrates the disciplines of listening and speaking, language study, reading and literature, and research and composition.

When choosing a curriculum for high school English language arts, your focus should be on finding a program that is academically rigorous, comprehensive in scope, and complements your child’s learning style. You want to be sure that your high schooler will complete high school having the foundation in reading and writing that will prepare them for college level coursework.

On this page, we help you by providing an overview of high school English language arts by grade level, and how Time4Learning can be the ideal program for your high schoolers.  Find out more about:

9th Grade Language Arts Curriculum

In addition to reviewing the English language arts concepts learned in middle school, ninth grade language arts instruction lays the foundation for successful high school writing and literature analysis. Students will read passages from a variety of sources and draft, revise, and edit their own writing.

When choosing a language arts curriculum for the freshman year of high school, look for a program that reflects the learning approach of the 21st century. It should incorporate methods and tools that make language arts relevant to Generation Z while preparing them for success in the modern college and career environment. Time4Learning uses advanced technology to create student-centered learning experiences in reading, writing, and grammar.

Some of the goals your 9th grade language arts student will aim for include:

  • Reading and understanding increasingly challenging texts that build knowledge in history, science and other subjects.
  • Achieving clear understanding of figurative language, form and perspective.
  • Developing and supporting ideas with specific examples, and citing information from reliable sources.
  • Understanding and applying the proper grammar rules in their writing (pronoun-antecedent, apostrophes, etc.).

Learn more about our 9th grade language arts curriculum.

10th Grade Language Arts Curriculum

In 10th grade students will encounter a variety of rich texts that engage students in literary analysis of both fiction and nonfiction.  As they read increasingly complex texts, tenth graders will demonstrate increasing understanding of all aspects of language use, from vocabulary and syntax to the development and organization of ideas, using grammatically correct writing.

Time4Learning’s sophomore English course reinforces literary analysis and twenty-first century skills with superb pieces of literature and literary nonfiction, application e-resources, and educational interactives. The fully online program can be customized to fit any family’s needs, whether they are looking for a comprehensive homeschool curriculum or just an affordable tutoring solution.

Some of the goals your tenth grade language arts student will aim for include:

  • Determining the central idea and purpose of a text.
  • Comparing and contrasting how language supports an author’s purpose in two different genres.
  • Supporting a claim with reasons and evidence in an argumentative essay.
  • Correcting common sentence errors.

Learn more about our 10th grade language arts curriculum.

11th Grade Language Arts Curriculum

In 11th grade, students will interact with all aspects of language arts: reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language in order to master English language arts standards and prepare for college and beyond. Students can expect to thoughtfully evaluate a variety of literary texts, expand their vocabulary through reading and root word strategies, and write to a variety of audiences and purposes.

Our 11th grade language arts curriculum delves into an expansive study of American literature. Students will engage in literary analysis and inferential evaluation of various texts featuring diverse voices and experiences. Lessons will encourage students to strengthen their oral language skills and produce creative, coherent writing.

Some of the goals your eleventh grade language arts student will aim for include:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of foundational works of American literature
  • Analyze seminal works of American literary nonfiction and evaluate their structure and reasoning
  • Learn to use Standard English from a variety of grammar lessons

Learn more about our 11th grade language arts curriculum.

12th Grade Language Arts Curriculum

During their senior year, students will read fiction, poetry, drama, and expository nonfiction, master comprehension, use evidence to conduct in-depth literary analysis, examine and critique how authors develop ideas in a variety of genres, and synthesize ideas across multiple texts. A 12th grade English language arts curriculum should prepare students for college-level English courses.

When choosing the best English language arts curriculum for your 12th grader, you should look for one that provides college and career readiness. Time4Learning offers rigorous, interactive courses that keep students focused on the content they need to learn, while fostering the advanced critical thinking and analytical skills they will need in post-secondary education.

Some of the goals your twelfth grade language arts student will aim for include:

  • Building vocabulary through Greek and Latin root study.
  • Comparing and contrasting how British literature has developed in a historical context.
  • Being able to critically analyze their own writing as well as the writing of others.
  • Analyzing figurative language, word relationships, and nuances within word meanings.

Learn more about our 12th grade language arts curriculum.

Why Choose Time4Learning’s High School Language Arts Curriculum?

Time4Learning’s dynamic high school language arts curriculum for homeschool helps students meet their goals and objectives by providing them with the most updated educational tools available. Families use it in many ways depending on their needs: as a full time curriculum, an after school learning tool or a summer learning program. Teaching language arts in high school doesn’t have to be stressful; Time4Learning is your partner in your student’s English language arts success.

Below are just some of the reasons our curriculum is so popular with families looking for a high  school language arts curriculum.

As a Full Curriculum
  • Fully-online program allows students to take their homeschool on-the-go, and also means no need for textbooks, downloads or installations.
  • Standards-based courses help high schoolers prepare for college entrance exams such as the SAT/ACT.
  • All high school language arts activities include closed-captioning to support students with learning differences.
  • Parent access to planner, grading, and recordkeeping tools helps to organize homeschooling while providing documentation for college portfolios.
As a Supplement
  • Program can be used to fill in gaps from prior grade levels or boost skills to help prepare for assessments and/or college/career success.
  • 24/7 access, so students can start learning at any time, day or evening, ideal for after school or summer use.
  • Parents can monitor progress and start or stop use of the curriculum at any time with no contracts.
  • Easy-to-use customization tools allow parents to easily add and remove content so their students can focus on exactly the concepts they need to.
  • Lessons can be redone to help those who benefit from repetition to fully understand certain concepts.

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