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Preschool Homeschool Curriculum

Preschool Homeschool Curriculum
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Finding the right preschool homeschool curriculum for your child is such an essential task. After all, studies show that preschool is vital in laying the foundation for all future learning and helping children to discover the world around them.

Time4Learning’s homeschool preschool curriculum and lesson plans will empower you to reach your learning objectives for the year. Our corresponding lesson plans will help your family stay on track throughout your homeschool journey.

What Do Preschoolers Learn?

As the name implies, preschool is a time when students learn important skills before they start primary school. This year, students will learn basic concepts that they will build on in the years to come. A preschool curriculum is typically made up of lots of playing and singing as students gain the important skills that will help them learn to read and write.

A preschool program should help your child learn the following:

  • Letters, numbers, shapes and colors
  • Coloring, drawing, sorting, cutting, and gluing
  • How to share, take turns, follow rules and instructions, respect their peers, and work together
  • Transitioning between preschool learning activities
  • The seasons, different kinds of weather, and days of the week
  • Different animals, their characteristics, and the sounds they make
  • The parts of a book

The Time4Learning preschool lesson plans pages can help you gain an understanding of what a complete preschool program should include.

What Should I Look For in a Preschool Curriculum?

If you’re new to homeschooling and would like to learn how to homeschool preschool or simply looking for a new homeschool curriculum, it’s essential to keep these things in mind when choosing the right curriculum.

  • Does the curriculum make learning fun and keep very young children engaged?
  • Is the material taught in a clear way using real-world examples?
  • Does it include reporting tools that make tracking progress easy?
  • Are there plenty of opportunities for preschoolers to reinforce skills?
  • Do activities promote problem-solving skills?

Preschool Math Curriculum

Time4Learning’s preschool math curriculum empowers children to learn:

  • Geometrical figures and objects
  • Measurement of length, weight, capacity, time, and temperature
  • Use of money, graphs, and charts used for data analysis and prediction
  • Algebraic patterns

Our preschool math lesson plans help students begin to understand basic math concepts and related vocabulary. They learn how to recognize numbers and shapes through stories, matching games, puzzles, and more.

Preschool Language Arts & Reading Curriculum

Time4Learning’s language arts curriculum for preschool combines technology, animated characters, original stories, and enjoyable music to inspire a love of learning. Our preschool reading curriculum is fun and engaging, building a solid foundation in:

  • Vocabulary Development
  • Language Arts & Reading Comprehension
  • Literary Response
  • Writing Applications and Reading Strategy

Time4Learning’s preschool language arts lesson plans introduce students to the letters of the alphabet and help them build their vocabulary and phonological awareness.

Preschool Science Activities

Fun themes like ‘Weather,’ ‘At the Zoo,’ and ‘All About Seasons’ will introduce preschoolers to essential science concepts that will allow them to begin to understand how the world around them works.

Students will explore basic science concepts, including:

  • Introduction to the four seasons and different kinds of weather
  • The food chain, water cycle, habitats, and more
  • Identifying natural and artificial sounds
  • Ocean animals and their characteristics

Visit our Preschool Lesson Plans page to learn about activities that touch upon science and other subject areas.

Preschool Social Studies Activities and Curriculum

Students will learn many social studies concepts as they explore themes like ‘In My Neighborhood,’ ‘Pets,’ ‘Days of the Week,’ and ‘Sports,’ just to name a few.

Students will explore basic social studies concepts, including:

  • Different kinds of neighborhoods and the things you find in them
  • Animals kept as pets versus wild animals
  • Common sports, their equipment, and the concept of good sportsmanship
  • The order of the days of the week

Visit our Preschool Lesson Plans page to learn about activities that touch upon social studies and other subject areas.

What Is Included in Time4Learning’s Preschool Lesson Plans?

The Time4Learning preschool lesson plans include helpful information on every preschool activity in a suggested sequence to help you stay organized. Whether you are creating lesson plans or simply want to delve into what your child will be learning, our pre-K lesson plans will provide all the information you need, such as:

  • Name of each lesson and activity
  • Description and objective
  • Activity number

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