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Middle School Physical Science Curriculum

Middle School Physical Science Curriculum
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A physical science curriculum should provide an overview of scientific principles and procedures, and leads students toward a clearer understanding of matter, energy, and the physical universe.  It focuses on traditional concepts in chemistry and physics, and encourages exploration of new discoveries in this field of science.

As students refine and expand their understanding of physical science, they will apply their knowledge in experiments that require them to ask questions and create hypotheses. Throughout the course, students solve problems, reason abstractly, and learn to think critically.

What Is Taught in Middle School Physical Science?

A physical science homeschool curriculum is an exploration of the physical universe.  Students delve into the amazing world we live in by learning about motion, energy, the nature of matter and atoms, how chemicals combine, and potential and kinetic energy.

Time4Learning’s online physical science course breaks these concepts down into 11 individual units of study. Using video instruction, multimedia activities, and interactive research tools, your middle schooler will study:

  • Matter
  • Atoms, Elements, and the Periodic Table
  • Bonding
  • Chemical Reactions
  • Solutions and Other Mixtures
  • Motion and Forces
  • Work and Energy
  • Temperature and Heat
  • Waves and Sound
  • Light
  • Electricity and Magnetism

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Physical Science Curriculum Objectives for Middle School

A comprehensive homeschool physical science curriculum will help your child gain a thorough understanding of  matter, energy, and the physical universe.  Throughout the course, your middle schooler will be reaching for a variety of objectives, including:

  • Examining the periodic table and determining the properties of an element.
  • Investigating the structures, types, and properties of matter.
  • Learning about chemical bonds and chemical reactions.
  • Explaining the relationship between motion and forces.
  • Recognizing the interdependence of work and energy.
  • Relating heat and temperature change on the macroscopic level to particle motion on
    the microscopic level.
  • Demonstrating an understanding of waves, including sound and light.
  • Analyzing the connection between electricity and magnetism.

Why Choose Time4Learning’s Middle School Physical Science Curriculum?

Time4Learning’s physical science online course is a comprehensive, standards-based option for middle school students. Through engaging instruction led by experienced teachers, virtual labs, rich graphics, animations, and interactive tools, students receive a thorough scope of physical science and, in the process, achieve the objectives listed above.

Parents will appreciate all the onboard resources that accompany the course, such as up-to-the-minute progress reports, printable records, and full access to all lesson plans covered in the course.

Here are just some of the reasons so many families choose our physical science curriculum:

As a Full Curriculum
  • All lessons include video instruction and then opportunity to practice using the concepts learned via interactive prompts to ensure mastery.
  • The curriculum engages students in hands-on investigations and explaining phenomena in one or more web labs/virtual labs or projects within each unit.
  • Ideas, skills, and concepts build upon one another throughout the course so that students build on prior knowledge and make connections within and between lessons.
  • Most of our video lessons include closed-captioning to support students with special needs.
  • Assessments are included throughout the course and are designed to support student mastery and to prevent student misunderstandings.
  • Flexible, customizable and adaptable curriculum to meet your family’s needs, no matter your homeschooling style.
  • Low monthly price, easy-to-use, and includes a money-back guarantee so you can make sure it works for your child.
As a Supplement
  • Our program helps students master challenging concepts and improve grades, making it a great after school option.
  • Parents support materials are easy to use and cleanly organized so that there’s no “learning curve” when getting started with the course.
  • The course is self-contained and does not require outside programs, texts, software, or materials.
  • A scope and sequence for the course allows parents to pick and choose the topics and concepts they want students to cover.
  • Students can hear any section of text read aloud–great for middle schoolers with learning differences.
  • Checks for understanding are embedded within the lessons to keep students engaged and to avoid and address misconceptions.
  • Helpful summer learning option to help students get ahead or work on difficult topics.
  • Lessons are accessible 24/7 from anywhere to meet your schedule needs.

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