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We Provide Families with an Easier Way to Homeschool

“My first years of homeschooling were exciting but very difficult. Once we shifted to Time4Learning, I had a lot less planning, grading, and record-keeping to do. Most importantly, my children were more motivated.”
– Carol
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Why Parents Love Time4Learning

If you’re looking for a fun, engaging, easy-to-use homeschool solution, you’ve come to the right place. Time4Learning is a modern, convenient approach to homeschooling, used by many experienced homeschoolers who require these essential elements. Founded in 2004, over 1 million homeschoolers have chosen us as their online PreK-12th curriculum.

Time4Learning uses short animated lessons to engage younger students, and a lecture format for older students. Students log in on their own schedule to learn anywhere and anytime. Most families find that Time4Learning only takes a few hours each day.

Our standards-based curriculum aligns with most schools. Covering language arts, math, social studies, and science, we provide a solid educational foundation and flexible tools to empower students to progress at their own pace. With Time4Learning, you’ll have the resources and support you need to ensure a successful homeschooling journey.

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Time4Learning as your Homeschool Solution

Trusted Partner

1. A Trusted Partner
Founded in 2004, we have proudly served as the online homeschool curriculum for over one million children and their families.

Thousands of Lessons

2. Thousands of Fun Lessons
Children love our PreK-12th curriculum as concepts are presented using fun animated lessons, instructional videos, and assessments.

Student-Paced Curriculum

3. Student-Paced Curriculum
With Time4Learning, you’re in control! Choose lessons and set grade levels by subject, based on your child’s skill level. Students work independently, and at their own pace.

Homeschooling Tools

4. Homeschooling Tools
Time4Learning includes an Activity Planner, Curriculum Calculator, and reporting tools to help you create schedules, track progress, and report on success.

Superb Customer Support

5. Superb Customer Support!
Our live support line is staffed by friendly people who are committed to helping you! We work hard to resolve any issues that arise to ensure that members are 100% satisfied.

Try Time4Learning Risk Free!

  • PreK-12th Online Curriculum
  • 24/7 Access to 3,500+ Lessons and Activities
  • Automated Grading & Reporting
  • Activity Planner for Easy Scheduling
  • Start, Stop, or Pause Membership Anytime

What Parents Are Saying

“We tried other homeschooling programs, but none compared to the ease of use and interactivity of Time4Learning. It’s also affordable, which is so helpful during these difficult times.”
“I love the reporting tool and how it helps me keep track of my son’s progress and determine where there may be a disconnect with material. This way, we can easily go back and redo the lessons, or review it with him.”
“Time4Learning makes homeschooling so much easier for my family. I love the parent tools like the activity planner, and my kids love the activities. I would definitely recommend it!”

Jamie’s Story: How Time4Learning Makes Homeschooling Easier

Jamie Gaddy chose to homeschool when her daughter experienced severe bullying in fourth grade at the school where Jamie served as principal. At first, she used an intensive all-in-one curriculum, but quickly realized she needed help.
Jamie searched for a fun, affordable, and reputable online homeschool curriculum that included tools to help her plan learning activities, as well as track and report on progress. That’s when she found Time4Learning.
Jamie’s favorite Time4Learning feature is the planning tool. “It’s an absolute life-saver because I could go in and easily plan what my children need to do for the day or the entire week.”
With Time4Learning, her children flourished as homeschoolers, developing strong skills in academics and interpersonal communications. “Homeschooling became easier, and we were able to enjoy more quality time as a family.”
Today, Jamie serves as Editor-in-Chief of, working to raise national awareness about the benefits of homeschooling. Her children are thriving in their academic and professional careers. “We are so glad we homeschool with Time4Learning!”

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