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How it Works

Why have over 1,000,000 students trusted Time4Learning as their homeschooling solution of choice over the past 15 years?

How do Families use Time4Learning?

  •  Homeschooling
  •  Skill Building and After School
  •  Summer Studies
  •  Gifted Students or Accelerated Learning
  •  Learning Difficulties or Special Needs
  •  Self Paced Learning
  •  Schedule Flexibility

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We are the most flexible, engaging, and affordable online homeschooling solution in the market.

Why Parents Love Time4Learning

Easily Affordable

Reduce your costs associated with homeschooling by using our comprehensive online platform.

Saves you Time

Time4Learning’s automated system saves you time because it teaches, grades, and reports for you.

Academic Freedom

Create an individualized curriculum that complements your child’s learning style and imparts the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values you choose.

Simple Parent Tools

Parent tools are available for you to monitor progress and generate reports, including transcripts and homeschool portfolios.


Select different grade levels for each subject to customize for your child’s specific needs. Changes can easily be made at any time.

Self Paced

Students have the potential to move through education grade levels faster and accelerate learning.

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Why Students Love Time4Learning

Fun Experience

Concepts are presented using humor, animated lessons, instructional videos, printable worksheets and fun assessments.

Focus on Learning

Students fully understand what they are learning, rather than forced repetition and memorization for testing.

Builds Confidence

They build academic confidence and self esteem from progress and accomplishment.

Gain Independence

They learn independence and enjoy becoming self sufficient.

Engaging Format

They develop a love for learning because the format and content is enjoyable and engaging.

Easy to Use

The platform was created with students in mind, so it is easy to use.

PreK - 8th

  • Monthly, first student
  • ($14.95 monthly for each additional student)

9th - 12th

  • Monthly, per student
  • (Includes 4 courses per student)

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