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Online High School Science Curriculum

Online High School Science Curriculum
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The Time4Learning high school science courses provide students in grades 9-12 a comprehensive and interactive education in a number of science topics. In addition to three online high school science courses in biology, chemistry, and physics, there are also a number of science elective courses to choose from such as environmental science and psychology, just to name a few.

The Time4Learning high school science curriculum teaches students through a combination of online videos led by experienced teachers, reading assignments, engaging Virtual Labs, and tons of practice activities.

This page provides an overview of the Time4Learning high school science program, information on each course and elective, and more.

What Science Classes Do You Take in High School?

A homeschool science curriculum for high school typically includes the following courses:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Science electives

Although students are free to take the Time4Learning high school science courses in any order they choose, we recommend biology for 9th grade students, chemistry for 10th graders, and physics for 11th grade. If a child chooses to take additional science courses, he or she can choose from the elective options available.

High School Biology Curriculum

The Time4Learning high school science course in biology offers a year’s worth of material that explores living organisms, ecology, the human body, and more. In addition to learning traditional concepts in biology, students will also make discoveries on topics like cellular processes, genetics, and heredity.

Learn more about the high school biology curriculum.

High School Chemistry Curriculum

The year-long high school chemistry curriculum for students covers a number of concepts throughout its 10 chapters. Students will take part in in-depth explorations on topics like matter, atoms, chemical reactions, and thermodynamics, just to name a few.

Learn more about the high school chemistry curriculum.

High School Physics Curriculum

High school physics teaches students foundational concepts in topics such as motion, energy, electricity, and magnetism. Students will also explore Newton’s laws of motion, as well as delve into nuclear and modern physics.

Learn more about the high school physics curriculum.

High School Science Electives

For students who want to challenge themselves and take additional high school science courses, Time4Learning offers a number of elective options. Courses range in length from half year to full year and can be added or changed at any time.

Why Choose Time4Learning’s High School Science Curriculum?

There are many reasons to choose Time4Learning’s high school science courses for your student. In addition to providing a comprehensive education in science, our engaging curriculum makes learning complex topics fun and exciting. Students are able to take part in eye-opening Virtual labs that help them gain further understanding of the material.

Below are additional reasons to choose the Time4Learning high school science curriculum, whether you use it as a full curriculum or a supplement.

As a Full Curriculum
  • Year-long science courses provide a comprehensive education with everything student’s will need to succeed.
  • Variety of science activities provides a well-rounded education.
  • Video lessons help students make real-world connections to aid in understanding.
  • Students get to think and act as scientists by completing lab reports.
  • Courses include reading assignments as well as important vocabulary words to increase literacy skills.
As a Supplement
  • Students have access to entire year’s worth of science courses but can skip any chapters or lessons they have mastered.
  • Ability to switch science courses or add additional courses makes it easy for students to reach their learning goals.
  • Graphic organizers help students stay on track and organized.
  • Warm up activity before each lesson helps students activate prior science knowledge.
  • Students can repeat science lessons as many times as needed to ensure understanding.

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