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High School Survey of World History Curriculum

High School Survey of World History Curriculum
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A high school world history curriculum will cover the key events that impacted the history of the world from ancient times to current events. Students will examine how classical civilizations progressed, then move toward social and economic revolutions, and end with an in depth study of modern history. Our Survey of World History curriculum is one of four courses offered at the high school level.

If you’re interested in learning more about our world history lessons for high school and how we can help you improve your child’s knowledge, use the links below.

What Do You Teach in Survey of World History?

Survey of World history encourages students to think historically by making connections and comparisons between events and people across periods of time and geography. Basically, students learn to think about the past from a cross-cultural and comparative perspective.

A comprehensive high school world history curriculum should include a multitude of topics from ancient times to the present including:

  • Human Origins and the Neolithic Revolution
  • The fall of the Roman Empire
  • Art and culture in Medieval Europe
  • The similarities and differences between new and old imperialism.
  • How Europeans took control of Africa through colonization.
  • The strategies used by the U.S. and the Soviet Union and their allies to fight the Cold War.
  • The impact of mass communication and medical technology on the global world.

As mentioned before, Time4Learning recommends Survey of World History to 10th graders but parents can also choose other courses.

You can learn more about each lesson on our 10th grade scope and sequence and 10th grade lesson plans pages.

Learning Objectives for Survey of World History

A Survey of World History curriculum will establish several objectives for students. At the end of the course your child should be able to compare and contrast past events and current issues, identify recurring themes in history and develop and organize argumentative papers on historical topics.

The following are just a few high school world history curriculum objectives:

  • Explain how splitting the Roman Empire contributed to its decline.
  • Explain the characteristics of feudalism in early Japan.
  • Identify ways that English kings in Medieval Europe reformed government.
  • Analyze why North America was so appealing to European countries during the Renaissance.
  • Explain how problems arising from industrialization led to new economic theories.
  • Identify the economic changes that occurred in the United States and Europe after World War I.
  • Contrast the role of women in traditional societies with those in developed nations.
  • Explain how globalization creates new opportunities for businesses and corporations.

Why Choose Time4Learning Survey of World History Curriculum?

Parents can supplement our adaptive curriculum and active learning with activities like role-playing, debates and more to keep students engaged. Time4Learning’s survey of world history curriculum was created to provide students with an inside look at what it was like living through a history of war, political upheaval, triumph, struggle and technological innovation.

Our combination of experienced teachers, interactive lessons and entertaining activities provide students with the opportunity to explore different cultures and perspectives from the past and present.

The following are some of the benefits parents and students will appreciate when using Time4Learning’s Survey of World History curriculum.

As a Full Curriculum
  • Students with different learning needs will enjoy the closed-captioning included in our video lessons.
  • In each lesson, students interact with multimedia stimuli, including maps, charts, graphs, photographs, and videos.
  • Lessons include in-depth profiles of significant figures and events throughout history.
  • Automated grading and record keeping help organize information for homeschool portfolio use.
  • Each reading assignment utilizes the CloseReader™, which provides text mark-up tools, language support, word look-up, embedded comprehension questions, and more.
  • Tools for revising and scoring essays are included in the instructional sequences.
  • Flexible and adaptive curriculum to work well with different homeschooling styles.
  • Our Survey of Word History course meets state and national standards, perfect for helping parents meet state requirements.
As a Supplement
  • Parents can pick and choose the courses of study or use the suggested course sequence.
  • Lessons include in-depth profiles of significant figures and events throughout history.
  • Touches on different learning styles to maximize student’s learning opportunities.
  • On-screen teachers use clear graphic organizers to present lesson goals and lesson organization in a student-friendly manner.
  • The lessons are accessible 24/7, from any location in a safe and ad free environment.
  • Our Survey of Word History course aligns with state and national standards making it a great after school program or test prep tool.
  • Interactive lessons keep students motivated and focused for longer periods of time.
  • Can be used as a summer learning program to prevent summer slide.

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