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Middle School Homeschool Electives

Middle School Homeschool Electives
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Middle school electives are courses that students can take along with their standard courses – math, language arts, science, and social studies. Electives for homeschoolers often support what they’re already learning in other subjects, and give them the opportunity to explore topics and subjects they are interested in.

This page will explore the middle school elective options offered by Time4Learning, the importance of electives, factors to consider when choosing middle school electives, and more.

Why Are Electives Important in Middle School?

Although optional, electives can be an important part of your child’s middle school program. Homeschool electives can help enhance students’ academic and social growth by helping them learn more about themselves and the world around them.

Middle school electives can:

  • Help promote understanding of other subjects/topics
  • Teach life skills that help students become successful, independent adults
  • Provide an outlet to express creativity
  • Help students discover hidden talents, skills, and abilities
  • Pave the way for high school course selections, career exploration, and college studies

How to Choose Middle School Electives

When choosing electives for middle school, it’s important to take a number of factors into consideration. Your child’s current skill set, course load, maturity level, and overall interests are just a few things to keep in mind as you explore the options.

Students can choose electives based on other factors, including the desire to:

  • further develop a current talent, hobby, or interest
  • take on more challenging courses
  • explore new subjects or topics
  • prepare for courses they plan on taking in high school
  • identify their strengths to help consider college and career paths

With your guidance, giving your child the opportunity to choose their own electives can be motivating and help them gain a sense of independence.

Which Electives Can Middle Schoolers Take?

There are a number of electives available for middle school students on Time4Learning. These electives vary in length from one semester to a full year, depending on the course. Below are the current middle school electives available on Time4Learning.

Full-Year Elective Courses

  • Art History IStudents will explore art throughout different time periods beginning with the Middle Ages all the way through modern times as well as across various countries in Europe, Asia, and the Americas to learn about each region’s contributions and unique, artistic characteristics. Along the way, they’ll learn to recognize artistic styles, discuss techniques, analyze sculptures and paintings, appraise differences, and more.
  • Computer Applications (Office 2019) – This course introduces students to the features and functionalities of Microsoft® Office® 2019. Through video instruction, interactive skills demonstrations, practice assignments, and unit-level assessments, students become proficient in Microsoft Word®, Excel®, Outlook®, and PowerPoint®.
  • Intro to Communications and Speech – This course begins with an introduction on the fundamentals of human communication. Students will examine verbal and nonverbal messages, in addition to cultural and gender differences in the areas of listening and responding. They will explore themes of self-awareness and perception in communication. The course concludes with chapters on informative and persuasive speeches, and hands-on speech analysis.

Semester Elective Courses

  • Environmental Science – From the biosphere to water and everything in between, this course covers the various aspects of this rapidly expanding field. Students will take part in unique activities that will allow them to connect scientific theory and concepts to current, real-world dilemmas.
  • Intro to Art – This course explores various themes aimed at helping students gain an understanding and appreciation of art. Students will learn the definition of art, its visual elements, the cultural purpose of art, terminology, and more.
  • Lifetime Fitness – Students will learn the skills necessary to ensure a lifetime of fitness by exploring topics such as exercise safety and injury prevention, nutrition and weight management, stress management, and more. They’ll also assess their individual fitness levels according to the five components of physical fitness.
  • MS Computer Science – In addition to learning how computers work and how they communicate with each other, students will explore computer programming, and what it takes to plan, develop, and test software. Engaging projects in each unit will have them writing their own programs, solving common computer problems, developing a cybersecurity policy, and adapting a system for people with special needs.
  • Online Learning and Digital Citizenship – Students will learn skills to help them stay organized, manage their time, take notes, and apply reading strategies. Lessons also cover cyberbullying and staying safe online.
  • Strategies for Academic Success – This course encourages students to take control of their learning by exploring different types of motivation, study habits, and learning styles. Students will reflect on what fits their individual learning needs, and strengthen their strategies for note-taking, test-taking, effective memorization, and reading comprehension.

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