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High School Strategies for Academic Success Course

High School Strategies for Academic Success Course
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Strategies for Academic Success is a one-semester elective designed to help students learn the skills and techniques that support academic achievement. Offering a comprehensive analysis of different types of motivation, study habits, and learning styles, the academic strategies class encourages students to take control of their learning by exploring varying strategies for success.

This page provides information on Time4Learning’s online Strategies for Academic Success class , why a study skills course  is important, and what you can expect your high schooler to learn by taking this elective.

Why Take Strategies for Academic Success in High School?

College graduates often remark that the most important course in their credit load was the one that taught them how to study more effectively.  By taking a Strategies for Academic Success class in high school, teens are jumping ahead of the curve and building skills that will help them thrive academically through high school and beyond.

A study skills course for high school students is recommended for all students who need to learn how to better plan, manage, organize and complete their work. This generation of digital natives has incredible demands on their attention. Learning how to focus, prioritize, and self-monitor has never been more important.

What Do You Learn in a High School Strategies for Academic Success Class?

Time4Learning’s Strategies for Academic Success class covers important study skills, such as strategies for taking high-quality notes, memorization techniques, test-taking strategies, benefits of visual aids, and reading techniques. The course offers engaging lessons that will help students identify what works best for their individual needs.

Throughout the course, students will aim for the following goals:

  • Understand the concept of academic integrity, and define cheating as it relates to online learning
  • Describe different strategies for remembering information
  • List and explain each of the five steps of test preparation
  • Describe the benefits of creating study groups, and distinguish the characteristics of quality study groups

High School Strategies for Academic Success Curriculum Scope & Sequence

  • Understanding Motivation
  • Evaluating My Study Habits
  • Understanding My Learning Style
  • Taking Proactive Steps to Succeed
  • Setting Academic Goals
  • When to Seek a Tutor
  • Preparing for Online Learning
  • Using the Internet Responsibly
  • Academic Integrity on the Internet
  • Prereading Strategies
  • Reading for Content
  • Reading Difficult Material
  • Increase Your Reading Speed
  • Note Taking 101
  • Notes From a Lecture
  • Notes From a Text
  • Compare and Contrast Graphic Organizers
  • Cause and Effect Graphic Organizers
  • Remembering Through Repetition
  • Using Acronyms
  • Rhyming and Keywords
  • Visualization and Categorization
  • Step 1 – Determine What to Study
  • Step 2 – Organize Notes
  • Step 3 – Compile Study Materials
  • Step 4 – Apply Memorization Techniques
  • Step 5 – The Day of the Test
  • Testing Tactics
  • Best Answer Tests
  • Response Tests
  • Open Book Tests
  • Preparing for Essay Tests
  • Answering Essay Questions
  • Major Types of Reference Sources
  • Using a Dictionary
  • Using a Thesaurus
  • Selecting Sources
  • Developing Your Topic
  • Writing Quality Papers
  • Giving Quality Presentations
  • Using Rubrics
  • Cumulative Exam

Why Choose Time4Learning’s High School Strategies for Academic Success Course?

This elective course from Time4Learning uses comprehensive hands-on projects with interactive tools to help students develop multiple ways to achieve academic success. It is designed to strengthen your teen’s self-awareness of how they most effectively learn.

Here are just some of the reasons why Time4Learning’s strategies for academic success course is so popular with students looking for a study skills elective:

  • Six chapters and nearly 250 activities cover everything from note-taking to memorization techniques.
  • Engaging course delivery that combines rigorous instruction and modeling of important skills with humor, real-world connections, and positive reinforcement.
  • To promote inquiry and a focus on big ideas, every lesson includes a guiding lesson question.
  • The course includes an abundance of charts, graphs, photographs, and interactive tools, which help students relate to and visualize the content.
  • As they progress through the lessons, students interact with the text by highlighting targeted words and phrases and adding purposeful sticky notes.
  • Auditory assistance makes the course accessible even for students with learning differences.
  • Parent access to planning and recordkeeping tools for more effective and efficient homeschooling.
  • Customer service and support unparalleled in any other online homeschool curriculum.

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