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High School Intro to Art Curriculum

High School Intro to Art Curriculum
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Our full-year intro to art class covers topics such as the definition and cultural purpose of art, visual elements of art, and examines art in various time periods such as ancient civilizations and more. The course also includes meaningful teacher support and interactive tools that help students relate to and visualize the content.

If you need additional information on what students learn in an introduction to art course and why parents choose Time4Learning’s homeschool art classes, please review the following material.

Note: This course is also available as an elective for middle school students.

Why Study Art Appreciation in High School?

An art appreciation class acts as a portal into the world of ancient art, two and three dimensional media, and current trends such as photography, art in advertising and fashion, and the revolutionary video on the internet market.

Any student who aspires to a future in digital design, multimedia art, software design, photography — and the list goes on — should seriously consider this course work. The online environment that we use  is also perfect for the elements that are highlighted throughout the year.

But an online art appreciation class goes beyond the beauty, methods, and purpose of art, it also improves problem solving skills, lateral thinking, complex analysis and critical thinking skills. Those talents will benefit a student no matter what career they have in mind.

What Do You Learn in a High School Intro to Art Class?

Introduction to art covers the terminology and principles of design, traces the history of art from prehistoric ages, explains why art plays such an instrumental role in our current culture and more. Additional topics that are covered in a typical class include:

  • The process of projecting an idea into a concrete work of art.
  • The importance of the Visual Elements and their symbolic expression in works of art.
  • Applying the principles of design and visual elements when analyzing works of art.
  • Discussing techniques used to create drawings.
  • Analyzing the meaning of images in graphic design, and its classification in fine art.
  • Learning about new approaches photographers use in the fashion and advertising world.
  • How video has transformed the world today, in communication and as an art.
  • Comparing and contrasting the different types of construction in architecture.

High School Intro to Art Curriculum Scope & Sequence

  • The Nature of Art
  • Artistic Inspiration
  • Commemoration and Decoration
  • Political Purposes of Art
  • Religious Imagery
  • Introduction to Visual Elements and Line
  • Visual Element – Space
  • Visual Element – Texture
  • Visual Element – Perspective
  • Visual Elements – Light and Color
  • Analyzing Art
  • Subject Matter and Content Design
  • Analyze the Qualities of Art
  • Analyzing the Meaning of Art
  • Functions of Drawing
  • Dry and Liquid Media
  • Painting Media
  • Related Techniques
  • Relief Prints
  • Intaglio Prints
  • Graphic Design
  • History
  • Photojournalism
  • Advertising and Fashion
  • Beginnings: Black and White, Color
  • Animation
  • Special Effects
  • Video: The Explosion on the Internet
  • Cumulative Exam
  • Arts and Crafts Movement
  • Clay and Wood
  • Metal
  • Fiber and Glass
  • Relief
  • Freestanding Sculpture
  • Sculpture and the Environment
  • Early Architectural Systems
  • Arches and Domes
  • Steel-Frame and Ferroconcrete
  • Computer Design
  • Why Art History?
  • Prehistoric Art in Europe
  • Art of the Ancient Near East
  • Art of Ancient Egypt 1
  • Art of Ancient Egypt 2
  • Ancient Greece
  • Jewish, Early Christian, and Byzantine Art
  • Islamic Art
  • Art of South and Southeast Asia
  • Chinese and Korean Art
  • Japanese Art
  • Art of the Americas
  • Art of Ancient Africa
  • Cumulative Exam

Why Choose Time4Learning’s High School Intro to Art Curriculum?

Time4Learning’s intro to art class includes nine chapters that cover such diverse and valuable topics as the visual elements of art, the common characteristics used to interpret meaning in works of art, special effects, and three dimensional art in media among other things.

Our online course uses interactive lessons, instructional videos, teacher interaction and journal writing. Students can use Time4Learning as a full-time curriculum, skill building tool, or summer learning exercise.

Time4Learning’s intro to art course offers many other benefits, including:

  • 9 chapters and over 300 activities to help students navigate and understand different art forms.
  • Vibrant graphics, charts, diagrams, animations, and interactive tools, which help students connect to and envision the art and techniques they are studying.
  • Automated grading and tracking system that tracks your child’s progress and keeps reports for homeschool portfolio usage.
  • Interesting visuals, written, spoken and hands-on materials to engage different types of learners.
  • Coverage of current artistic themes and methods that impact online marketing, graphic design, animation, video game creation and more.
  • 24/7 access so your student can work at any time during the day or evening.
  • The CloseReader ™ tool, which enables students to interact with the text by highlighting targeted words and phrases.
  • Interactive lessons that include a mixture of instructional videos, tasks and engaging teacher interaction.
  • An activity planner and curriculum calculator allow students to plan their year and work independently.
  • Journal writing assignments that provide opportunities for students to write clearly and concisely on a variety of important art related topics.

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