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High School Intro to Communications & Speech

High School Intro to Communications & Speech
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Our intro to communications class is a full-year course that features teacher communication through engagement and online collaborative tools. Students learn about the components, origins and characteristics of communication through interactive activities and thought-provoking lectures.

If you need more information on what students learn in intro to communications and speech and why the Time4Learning high school speech curriculum is a popular choice for parents, please review the following material.

Why Study Communications & Speech in High School?

Without communications and speech, people would not be able to effectively interact with one another. It is the foundation for what people do in daily life. An intro to communications class effectively teaches students how to inform and explain themselves, evaluate and compare ideas, and provide insight into verbal and non verbal messages.

Through communication and speech, students become more effective at meeting others, developing critical thinking skills, creating persuasive oral and written messages, and more. By improving communications, students will not only be learning valuable life skills, they’ll also be strengthening skills for future professional purposes.

What Do You Learn in an Intro to Communications & Speech Course?

A high school speech curriculum usually begins by building a strong foundation in the elements, principles and characteristics of human communication. From this foundation students explore topics such as self-knowledge and self-perception, public speaking, and the gender differences in the areas of listening and responding.

Additional information that is covered includes:

  • The elements that impact the quality of communication, including interpersonal relationships, gender, and culture.
  • The verbal and nonverbal characteristics of human communication.
  • Evaluating and critiquing  public speeches.
  • Examining communication on multiple levels, including interpersonal, small group, and organizational.

High School Intro to Communications & Speech Scope & Sequence

  • What is Human Communication?
  • Elements and Characteristics of Human Communication
  • Principles of Communication
  • Ethics and Diversity: Culture and Communication
  • Self-Concept and Self-Esteem
  • Self-Disclosure
  • Perception
  • The Principles of Language
  • The Power of Words
  • Using Verbal Messages Effectively
  • Ethics and Diversity: Confronting Bias in Language
  • Communication and Technology: Etiquette on the Web
  • The Characteristics of Nonverbal Communication
  • Nonverbal Communication: Appearance, Gestures, and Expressions
  • Nonverbal Communication: Touch, Voice, and Environment
  • The Listening Process
  • Listening Styles and Effective Listening
  • Improving Responding Skills
  • Cultural Contexts and Values in Communication
  • Gender and Communication
  • Bridging Differences
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Stages of Relationship Development
  • The Importance of Relationships
  • Ethics and Communication: Ethical Conflict
  • Dynamics of Groups and Teams
  • Effective Group Work
  • Organizational Communication
  • Cumulative Exam
  • The Importance of Public Speaking
  • Listening to and Critiquing Public Speeches
  • Managing Apprehension
  • Identify Your Topic and Purpose
  • Develop a Thesis
  • Analyze and Adapt to Your Audience
  • Types of Supporting Materials
  • Research
  • Presentation Aids
  • Organizing and Outlining Your Ideas
  • Introductions, Conclusions, and Transitions
  • Wording Your Presentation
  • Methods of Delivery
  • Effective Vocal Delivery and Bodily Actions
  • Rehearsal
  • Types of Informative Presentations
  • Organizing Your Informative Presentation
  • Tips for Clear and Interesting Presentations
  • Goals of Persuasive Speaking
  • Persuasion Techniques
  • Developing Persuasive Speeches
  • Cumulative Exam

Why Choose Time4Learning’s Intro to Communications & Speech Course?

Time4Learning’s intro to communications class uses an effective formula that combines interactive lessons, teacher communication, engaging lectures and visual tools. This method encourages students to apply the skills they learn with everyday activities, helping them to become better communicators and listeners.

If your student is interested in our high school speech curriculum, Time4Learning also offers:

  • 7 chapters with over 300 activities that build student understanding of the elements, principles, and characteristics of human communication.
  • Fascinating insight into verbal and nonverbal messages and cultural and gender differences in the areas of listening and responding.
  • Interactive lessons that include a mixture of instructional videos and tasks.
  • Rich graphics, charts, diagrams, animations, and interactive tools, which help students relate to and visualize the content.
  • Automated grading and tracking system that tracks your child’s progress and keeps reports for homeschool portfolio usage.
  • Interesting visuals, written, spoken and hands-on materials to engage different types of learners.
  • The CloseReaderTM system, a text mark-up toolset and supportive reading environment, to support the close and active reading of text.
  • 24/7 access to Time4Learning so students can learn at any time during the day or evening.
  • An activity planner and curriculum calculator that encourages students to plan their year and work independently.

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