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Parent Reviews and Testimonials

Hundreds of thousands of parents have used Time4Learning’s interactive, multimedia curriculum to help their children reach their educational goals. Here’s what some of those parents have to say about their experience with the program.

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I love Time4Learning

4 Stars

By Tasha on July 12, 2021

I love Time4Learning. I wish it was this developed when my kids were younger. You can set a plan for a class no matter the time constraints. They helped us plan out a semester long summer class for 2 months. It really helped us know the pace and keep up with the required materials. My only issue, not all the time, is with the automatic scoring. It doesn't calculate accurately sometimes. But Time4Learning allows us to change the score if we feel it should be different.

Feeling Like Homeschool Pros with T4L

5 Stars

By Ryan & Addie on July 9, 2021

After 2020 my Husband and I were worried about our schooling options for our youngest. We weren't happy with any of the places we toured, most wouldn't even allow the parents within the building so lots of trust would be given to strangers. She was too advanced for the 4 year old groups but not quite ready to be with 5 year olds. After months of heavy discussion we decided homeschooling would allow her more freedom. Within weeks of Time 4 Learning she has finished Kindergarten Science and is breezing through the rest of the curriculum. The animated videos really help her retain the information in fun ways. Aside from how easy to use this program is and how much we all love it as a family, we are most grateful for how easy it is to print the educational plan for our school district and that an automated updated membership letter is always available on the website. Any worries we had as parents about homeschooling settled when we signed with Time 4 Learning. I personally never thought I would have the patience to be my own child's teacher but this entire program makes you feel capable of anything. Thank you to the entire staff and to everyone who has helped create the success of this company. I think more families would benefit from this program and it's so affordable! Even us parents could use a refresher in educational matters. =)

This is the best learning platform…

4 Stars

By Ceez on July 7, 2021

This is the best learning platform we’ve found! Easy to move up as my daughter learns more each day. Only downside is there isn’t an app that can be used on mobile devices. So your tied to the computer with wifi when you use it vs on the road.

By on January 17, 2017

One of my kids was struggling with some subjects in public school, so we tried another program offered free in my state as an online public school to give him the attention he needs. We were overwhelmed by the amount of work, logging, and rigid schedule required and dismayed by the lack of free...

By on January 12, 2017

My 2nd grader has been using Time4Learning this year. Finally, a homeschool curriculum my son doesn’t complain about. I’ve tried several expensive curricula in the past and he would refuse to do them. Also excited they have a curriculum for autistic kids! I was looking for a curriculum for...

By on January 7, 2017

This has changed how we homeschool! the curriculum is fun and engaging for my 3rd grader. She loves that she gets to do most of it on the computer and I love how easy and affordable it is.

By on December 31, 2016

Time4Learning is an easy way for kids to learn. It’s interesting and engaging, with quizzes at the completion of lessons for the parents to see what’s learnt and what is still needing to be learnt. My daughter is always quoting interesting facts she has heard on Time4Learning. From...

By on December 1, 2016

We have used Time4Learning for over 4 years and love it. It is great for homeschoolers or public school children who are needing extra practice. The program is flexible and easy to understand, guiding kids through the lessons at their own pace. Time4Learning also has excellent customer service...

By on November 30, 2016

We’ve been homeschooling with T4L for several years for our 3 kids. Overall extremely satisfied. Great & engaging lessons, covering a wider variety of materials than our local public schools offer! I love that I can customize to each child for individualized education plans & the...

By on November 29, 2016

I’ve been using Time4Learning for over 3 years now & absolutely love everything about their curriculum!!! Their phone & email support is top-notch! I started homeschooling my daughter, Allison, who has extreme learning disabilities & I love how she can work in multiple levels at...

By on November 29, 2016

This is a very good curriculum. We have used it for 2 years. I love that it keeps records of the grades so a report can be printed off for your records. The animated lessons are fun and exciting for the children.

By on November 29, 2016

I love time4learning for my son. It is a great curriculum for him. He learns best from virtual learning, and time4learning is a true virtual program. I am grateful we found this curriculum 11 years ago. The first two years we used it we used it as a tutoring program. By the time my son […]

By on November 28, 2016

We’ve been using T4L for 6 years and love it. We school year round and this has helped my child advance years beyond what public school could ever offer.

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