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Hundreds of thousands of parents have used Time4Learning’s interactive, multimedia curriculum to help their children reach their educational goals. Here’s what some of those parents have to say about their experience with the program.

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Great Resource

5 Stars

By Robyn on March 7, 2019

Time 4 learning has a good variety of activities and subjects. Kids enjoy the visual lessons.

I love Time4Learning

5 Stars

By Angela on March 7, 2019

I love Time4Learning! Two of my daughters use it and they love it!. My seven-year-old is the pickiest child ever, and she loves it. I recommend it to my friends and one has signed up already and you can choose for them to pay your month or send you a $25 check, who doesn't love that :) It is so much fun, a great way to learn! I'm glad I found this.

Homeschool Use

5 Stars

By Mel on March 6, 2019

I love the structure and guidance Time4Learning gives me, the parent. The lessons are direct, easy to understand and effective. I can easily build off of each lesson, when needed. User friendly. Easy to tailor to your child’s needs or schedule.

By on May 13, 2013

All children equate love by the time you spend with them doing things together, most especially things that they enjoy. My son Joshua has Aspergers syndrome, which causes him difficulties in social settings and in some of his academic studies. He does extremely well in science, which is what...

By on May 13, 2013

We have been reviewing for our school this past month. My sister had shared with me how much their family loved doing it and I could hardly wait to try it out. So I started Hudson, Rebekah, Bradford and Robert on it in early July. They absolutely love it too! It is so much...

By on May 13, 2013

I do know some supermoms in the homeschooling world…and I’m not one of them.  I was admittedly nervous; this is honestly our first year of regular, day-to-day homeschooling since Ryan is in the first grade.  My boys love the computer, so I started researching online home school curriculum,...

By on May 13, 2013

Now that summer’s here, we need to keep this academic ball rolling, but any “school” done during summer vacation needs to be a lot of fun! Enter Time4Learning.  Time4Learning is an online learning system that we used when Wenxin first came home from China.  I needed something...

By on May 13, 2013

If you are considering homeschooling and looking for an easy BASE curriculum to follow, or even if you are just looking for some After School or Summer School options- I HIGHLY Recommend Time4Learning. My favorite tool for Homeschool is definitely Time4Learning. Being that I had JUST made the...

By on May 10, 2013

For the past month, we’ve been using Time4Learning for math for my 8 year old. The whole Time4Learning program was recommended by a friend who remarked at how independently her kids could work with this program. That appealed to me, as my middle and youngest children get older and require more...

By on May 10, 2013

At the start of the summer I was desperately searching for a website that would help my struggling, special needs (ADHD and Autism Spectrum) 12-yr old son strengthen his math skills over the summer. I searched the web and found quite a few; Time4Learning being one of them. After reviewing their...

By on May 10, 2013

Last month, I received a free one-month subscription to Time4Learning contingent on using the program with my child and posting a review at the end of the subscription period.  My youngest daughter, age 8, had been using Oak Meadow 3 this year but I found that I was having to supplement and...

By on May 10, 2013

We really enjoyed our month of trying out Time4Learning! We used the kindergarten, fifth grade and seventh grade lessons. Gianna got the most use out of the website, since she was always asking to play computer games. Without guilt, 😉  I could let her choose the lessons she wanted and she...

By on May 10, 2013

Home from China just a year and a half, we’re still playing catch up in the area of academics, especially reading. Believe me, I’m not complaining. While a year and a half ago Wenxin had never been to school (in China or America), didn’t speak a word of English, and...

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