During these stressful and ever-changing times, we are all doing our best to keep ourselves, our children, and all those around us safe and healthy, while still trying to maintain a sense of normalcy. With the increasing number of schools closing all across the country due to the COVID-19 virus, many families are looking for free educational resources to keep their children engaged and learning. Plus, with more and more emphasis being placed on social distancing in order to keep the virus from spreading, it’s important to find activities that can be done from the safety and comfort of home.

We understand your concern and want you to know that we are here for you, and we’re all in this together. That’s why Time4Learning has put together a list of free educational resources to help keep your child engaged and in learning mode during these hectic times.

Below are various printable learning activities, free worksheets for kids and more on a number of topics including reading, math, and civics just to name a few.

  • Learn how to create a homeschool schedule – developing a learning at home routine doesn’t have to be complicated. Check out this post that includes steps on setting up your new schedule and free printable schedule templates.
  • State unit studies – Learn fun facts, history, geography and more with our state unit studies that include printable crossword puzzle activities, vocabulary lists and games, and more.
  • Presidential unit studies – Get to know our nation’s leaders and their road to the presidency with these fun unit studies that include historical timelines, spelling word lists, biography organizers, and more!
  • Healthy eating habits – It’s always important to eat healthy. Doing so nourishes our bodies with the vitamins and nutrients it needs to keep us energized and ward off illness. This blog post is full of tips to help your family make healthy choices and it even includes a free weekly meal planner. Make it a family affair and let the kiddos pick a few meals.
  • Build your way to better reading skills – There are so many fun ways to improve your child’s literacy skills. Discover how LEGO® bricks can help your budding reader with fun games and activities that will help them learn to spell, count syllables, and more.
  • Setting short term goals printable – During these new few weeks, why not set a few goals to work on? Maybe it’s learning time tables, nailing down the parts of speech, or really understanding what photosynthesis is. This printable worksheet will help you set those goals and stay focused.
  • Military Appreciation Month – Although Military Appreciation Month isn’t until May, every day is a great day to show our love to our service members. Help your kiddos understand the importance of our military and get ideas on how to show your appreciation.
  • Where in the world? – Help your child become a geography buff with these free printable maps of the U.S. and Canada. Students can locate and label their city, state capital and play fun geography games as well.
  • Free printable lessons – Time4Learning members have access to tons of printable learning activities, but here you’ll find a few free printable lessons you can use if you’re not yet a member.
  • Creative ways to learn – Find tons of tips, ideas, and free educational resources to help your child reach their full potential.
  • Math motivation – Let’s face it, not every child loves math. If your child is in need of some motivation, you’ll find tons of it here. There are activities galore as well as an allowance savings sheet for them to earn some cash while they’re at home and help instill smart money habits.
  • Why pi? – Although Pi Day is behind us, it’s never too late to help your child understand what Pi is and its importance. Plus, don’t miss over a dozen fun activities to get your child excited about this mathematical concept.
  • Holiday prep – The holidays are over but learning about their history is always relevant. This holiday printable activity for kids will quiz your child on how much they know about the holidays we all celebrate. Answer key is included!
  • More math? – Whether your child is in elementary, middle or high school, these printable math worksheets offer tons of fun projects and activities to help them keep their math skills sharp.  You’ll find word problems, real-life math, hands-on projects, and so much more.

With so much going on in the news, it’s important to remain calm, but also informed. Trying to keep a sense of routine for our children will help them cope with what’s going on, give them a sense of normalcy, and in the process prevent them from becoming stressed. We hope you enjoy these free resources and activities to keep your children learning!

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