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Veterans Day Activities for Children

The Importance of Teaching About Veterans Day in Your Homeschool Each year, on November 11, a Veterans Day National Ceremony is held at Arlington National Cemetery. At 11 a.m., a color guard made up of members from each of the branches of military service, honors the war dead at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. […]


Need Activities for Toddlers While Homeschooling Older Siblings?

You’ve taken full advantage of naptime to get some homeschooling work complete, but now your toddler is awake and going wide open. You may be tempted to just turn on the television and sit your toddler in front of it while you’re working one-to-one with an older sibling, and there’s nothing wrong with including some […]


A Holistic Approach for the New Homeschool Year

No more wondering, “Are we doing enough in our homeschool?” It’s probably the single most posted question in the Time4Learning Families group on Facebook. Over and over, group members post some version of, “I’m worried that we’re not covering all our homeschool bases. Is Time4Learning really enough?” The answer (in case you are having the […]


5 Ways to Get Your High Schooler in Back-to-Homeschool Mode

This homeschool year will go so much more smoothly if you and your high schooler are in sync. With mobile apps, social networking, texting, and video games competing for your high schooler’s attention, you may be wondering how you are going to get them to focus on homeschool. The answer lies in one of the […]


Creative Math Help for the Atypical Student

“Average” is only for numbers. Some students need a more customized and creative math approach. Traditional math instruction is designed for “traditional” students. But, what if your student has learning differences and needs remedial math guidance. Or, what about kids especially savvy with numbers who need gifted math intervention? Out-of-the-box learners need a more custom-made […]


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