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Standardized Test Prep in Colorado

Standardized Test Prep in Colorado
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Schools in Colorado use standardized testing as a way to measure student’s academic progress and prepare students for life in the real world. Starting in third grade, all public school students are assessed in math, language arts, science and social studies.

This page offers tons of information on Colorado assessment tests, when they are administered, how Time4Learning is an effective test prep tool, and more.

What State Tests Are Available in Colorado?

Colorado state testing includes several assessments which are administered annually to public school students.  Each test is designed to measure students’ mastery of and advancement in the state’s educational standards, and to determine the performance of Colorado’s schools and districts as a whole.

Below is a list of current Colorado assessment tests available.

  • Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) – The CMAS measures student progress in mathematics, English language arts, science, and social studies.  From grades 3-8, students take the CMAS tests in math and English language arts. In grades 5, 8, and 11, students take the science portion. Then in fourth and seventh grade, a specific number of students are assessed in social studies.
  • Colorado Alternate Assessment (CoALT) – Students with significant cognitive disabilities are administered the CoALT in order to assess progress in science and social studies from grades 3-11. For English language arts and math, students with disabilities are administered the Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM), an alternate assessment that is part of the CoALT.
  • ACCESS for ELLs – Created to assess English proficiency (listening, speaking, reading, writing), this test is administered to English language learners in grades K-12.

In Colorado, parents have the legal option to opt their children out of state assessments. Each school district has its own policies and procedures for opting out therefore it’s best to inquire with your specific district for more information.

When is Standardized Testing in Colorado?

Although specific testing dates may vary from year to year, Colorado assessment tests typically take place during the same months each year. Each Colorado standardized assessment is administered during  testing windows that last several weeks in order to ensure that all schools have ample time to complete the tests.

  • Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS):  March – April
  • Colorado Alternate Assessment (CoALT): March – April
  • ACCESS for ELLs: January – February

Do Homeschoolers Have To Take Standardized Tests in Colorado?

To help your children prepare for standardized tests, you can enroll them in a test prep program or buy books that help them practice test-taking strategies. Time4Learning curriculum not only provides standards based instruction in areas that are most often tested on nationally normed tests, but it also provides test prep practice within lessons throughout the grade level. Learn more in our Colorado test prep page.

How Time4Learning Can Help You With Colorado Test Prep

Whether your child is enrolled in a traditional school or homeschooled, standardized tests may help students succeed in their post high school endeavors, whether they pursue a post secondary education or head right into the workforce.

Time4Learning’s award-winning online curriculum can be a valuable partner in helping your child prepare for upcoming standardized tests in Colorado.

Below are some of the reasons why families turn to Time4Learning to help their students succeed in Colorado standardized testing.

  • Comprehensive curriculum allows students to practice important concepts and skills assessed in tests such as the CMAS and CoALT.
  • Enhance your student’s literacy skills through animated lessons, instructional videos, worksheets, quizzes and tests with our online language arts curriculum.
  • Flexible, student-paced approach means that students can log in anytime and progress at their own pace as they get a head start on their Colorado test prep.
  • To help them master the math portion of Colorado standardized testing, students can practice their math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with Time4MathFacts, included with your Time4Learning membership.
  • Interactive, multimedia-based format allows students to have fun as they build their reading comprehension and writing skills, which are assessed in the CMAS, CoALT and ACCESS for ELLs.
  • As an IBCCES Certified Autism Resource, Time4Learning can help students with special needs practice for Colorado’s CoALT assessments in math, English language arts, science and social studies.
  • Students can prepare for the science portion of the CMAS assessment with Science4Us, an interactive STEM curriculum for K-5 included with your Time4Learning membership.

The software is a game changer!

By Regina

“…she leaped ahead of her peers on her state test when returned to public school, we used it during homebound when there was a mismedication, and use it now as a supplement for a teacher that refuses to teach.”

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