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Colorado Homeschool Associations

Colorado Homeschool Associations
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It is estimated that almost a million students are homeschooled in Colorado. As you can imagine, a state with that many homeschoolers needs an organization to support them. The Colorado homeschool association is called “Christian Home Educators of Colorado” or CHEC. On this page you will learn about the goals of CHEC and discover some of the benefits of becoming a member of a statewide homeschool organization.

CHEC Homeschool Association

According to the CHEC website, the mission of the Christian Home Educators of Colorado is to “motivate parents to disciple the next generation of Christians to impact our state and beyond for Christ and His Kingdom by providing information, leadership, and resources.” From the mission statement, you can tell that the organization is an expressly faith-based entity, meaning that all efforts of the organization will be based on a uniquely Christian worldview.

If your family is not homeschooling for religious reasons, however, you still may find information on the CHEC website helpful. It includes guidance on everything from beginning homeschooling to how to help struggling learners and how to approach high school homeschool.

Benefits Offered by a Homeschool Association

In addition to information on specific aspects of homeschooling, a statewide homeschool association often has other services that families may find useful such as:

  • An events calendar for homeschool-related events around the state
  • Updates on legal issues relating to homeschool that could impact your family
  • A list of ways to connect with other homeschoolers in your local area
  • A list of any retail or organizational discounts you may be eligible for as a homeschooler
  • An organized homeschool convention for networking, workshops, and browsing curriculum options

Additional Resources Related to Homeschooling Colorado

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  • Includes 4 courses

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