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Standardized Test Prep in Arizona

Standardized Test Prep in Arizona
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Standardized tests in Arizona can give students the opportunity to show their critical thinking skills by applying what they have learned. It is important to remember, though, that assessments are only one signal of a student’s academic progress. They can indicate areas of mastery and can point to learning gaps, but they are not the whole picture of a child’s educational standing.

On this page you will learn more about Arizona standardized testing, including the types of tests required, testing dates, and the grade levels targeted. You’ll also learn how you can help your child prepare for standardized tests in Arizona.

What State Tests Are Available in Arizona?

Standardized tests are mandatory in Arizona, although standardized test scores are not an indicator of whether a student can graduate or not.

Below is a breakdown of the Arizona standardized tests:

  • AzM2 – Arizona’s Measurement of Educational Readiness to Inform Teaching (AzM2) is an annual statewide test that measures how students are performing in English language arts and math. All students in 3rd through 8th grade and 10th grade will take the computer-based assessment.
  • AIMS Science – This test measures science proficiency according to the Arizona Academic Content Standard. It is administered in grades 4 and 8 and again in high school. The multiple-choice exam is computer-based.
  • Multi-State Alternate Assessment (MSAA) – Students with a “significant cognitive disability” are eligible for the Multi-State Alternate Assessment in mathematics and English language arts. The test is administered in grades 3-8 and again in 11th grade. It is aligned to state content standards.
  • Arizona English Language Learner Assessment (AZELLA) – The AZELLA is Arizona’s English language proficiency assessment. It tests four distinct domains of language: listening, speaking, writing, and reading. Placement testing occurs all year for new students, and an annual reassessment is required for all English learners who have not yet been classified as English proficient.

When is Standardized Testing in Arizona?

Standardized testing dates in Arizona may vary every year depending on the assessment, however they do tend to fall during the same time of year. This information can help your child prepare for those upcoming tests.

Below is an overview of when Arizona standardized testing usually takes place:

  • AzM2 – Spring
  • AIMS Science – Spring
  • Multi-State Alternate Assessment (MSAA) – March through May
  • Arizona English Language Learner Assessment (AZELLA) – Two weeks before the start of school through May

Do Homeschoolers Have To Take Standardized Tests in Arizona?

Standardized testing is not a requirement for homeschoolers in Arizona. However, many families appreciate the opportunity to evaluate how their homeschooler is progressing. Arizona homeschoolers do not have access to school-administered standardized tests; however, there are many private, nationally-normed, standardized testing options families can choose from.

How Time4Learning Can Help with Arizona Test Prep

Standardized tests are not the finish line of a child’s education; rather, they are checkpoints along the way.  When seen from that perspective, you can feel more positive about helping your child prepare for these assessments.

Time4Learning can be a valuable partner in this effort.  Our standards-based curriculum is a program that students can use—right from the comfort of home—to build the language arts, math and science skills that will be tested on Arizona standardized tests.

Here’s how Time4Learning can help with Arizona test prep:

  • Dozens of interactive lessons to help your child grasp English language arts concepts that will ultimately lead to better scores in this subject.
  • Members have access to Time4MathFacts, a game-based learning system that helps early and upper elementary students master math facts, which feature heavily in all normed tests.
  • Multimedia instruction in subjects like algebra, geometry, and trigonometry can improve scores for 10th graders taking the AzM2.
  • Online and offline science activities to help students think critically about scientific concepts, helping them prepare for AIMS Science assessments.
  • Our student-paced curriculum works well for learners with special needs who want to prepare for the Multi-State Alternate Assessment (MSAA) test.
  • Practice assessments are included in the curriculum for grades 3-8, greatly reducing potential test anxiety

Through preparation and practice, your child can achieve successful results when taking standardized tests in Arizona. In addition, skill-building programs like Time4Learning can prepare your child and build their academic confidence while reducing test anxiety.

The software is a game changer!

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“…she leaped ahead of her peers on her state test when returned to public school, we used it during homebound when there was a mismedication, and use it now as a supplement for a teacher that refuses to teach.”

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