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Socialization – The Biggest Non-Issue in Homeschooling

So, what’s the big deal about homeschool socialization? I recently had a chance to answer this question during an interview I did on This Day with BJ Arnett (check out the video clip below). To be honest, this is one of those questions that I am tired of having to answer. It’s really such a […]


Seeking Skill Building and Supplemental Educational Resources?

Find them at your next homeschool convention Homeschool families know that homeschool conventions are a treasure trove of information. Homeschool families who are in a “good place” with their homeschool and curriculum can still benefit from their local annual event. If your student is in a traditional school setting, attending one is eye-opening and beneficial […]


Homeschool Convention Homework for Parents

As a new homeschooler, you may not be too familiar with homeschool conventions. These events are so fun and insightful, but they can be a tad overwhelming if you’ve never been to one. There is so much to see and do, that between the vendor hall, workshops, and guest speakers, you will need to do […]


3 Ways to Grow Your Child’s Foreign Language Skills

The time had finally come and we were ready for our family vacation to Mexico. After the 6-hour flight, we finally landed and made our way to baggage claim to collect our belongings. As we stepped outside to catch a ride to our hotel, I saw a man yell, “Necesitas que te lleven?” I didn’t […]


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