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Online Homeschool Math Curriculum

Online Homeschool Math Curriculum
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Developing a solid math foundation early on can help students gain a thorough understanding of basic math concepts, as well as set the stage for more complex topics. Without a good understanding of basic math principles, more advanced concepts become difficult to grasp. With Time4Learning’s math curriculum for homeschoolers and skill builders alike, the youngest of students can attain a solid understanding of numerous skills with our interactive math lessons. Math doesn’t have to be painful or frustrating, Time4Learning’s computer-based math curriculum provides engaging materials that teach and reinforce math concepts.

Why is Math Important?

Math impacts a number of skills and abilities that we employ on a day to day basis. Having a thorough understanding of math principles helps with analytical thinking, problem solving, decision making, and more. Learning math also allows students to think outside the box, which can benefit them in endless ways in both their academic and professional careers. In addition, a poor math foundation can lead to math anxiety later in life due to lack of confidence. This can result in fear when taking tests as well as embarrassment when being called to answer a question.

Math Curriculum Overview

A good math curriculum should teach much more than the “how to” of simple arithmetic. It should help kids learn fundamental math concepts and skills, such as math facts, with a complete scope and sequence. Time4Learning’s homeschool curriculum provides a comprehensive, interactive math program that correlates to all state standards. PreK through 12th grade students will learn math online through a combination of animated lessons, instructional videos, quizzes and tests, and also printable worksheets. The student-paced curriculum allows learners to progress at their own pace in order to get a thorough understanding of each concept.

Our online math curriculum puts extra attention on math facts during early elementary. Students can practice and master crucial math facts with Time4MathFacts,, which is built into Time4Learning and provided at no extra cost to members. Being able to recall math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division quickly and effortlessly helps create a solid foundation that helps pave the way for future math success.

In addition to helping your child build a strong, broad math foundation, an effective online math program should also accomplish the following:

  • Assess for learning gaps in fundamental math concepts
  • Increase student’s confidence
  • Prepare students for advanced math studies
  • Provide the opportunity for additional practice
  • Include alternate explanations for complex concepts

When your students develop a solid math foundation, you’ll be amazed to see their grades improve and the stress disappear. You might even hear that math is fun!

Preschool Math Curriculum

Preschoolers will enjoy dozens of fun, engaging activities that help them build a solid foundation in math. With themes like Count With Me, My Shapes, Measurement, and more, students will become familiar with basic concepts that will set the stage for the learning that will take place during the elementary years.

Elementary Math Curriculum

Our homeschool elementary math curriculum makes learning math fun while helping students build a deep understanding of math skills. This begins by teaching younger students the five math strands which include number sense and operations, algebra, geometry and spatial sense, measurement, and data analysis and probability.

Middle School Math Curriculum

For older students who are craving independence, an online math curriculum allows them to study on their own as they further develop the math skills they learned during the elementary years. Our comprehensive math curriculum for middle school is organized by skills and designed to build on previous concepts. Areas of study include graphing, functions and probability, plane geometry, linear relationships, and more.

High School Math Curriculum

As students enter the high school years, college and career readiness becomes of the utmost importance. High schoolers can study math online with Time4Learning by selecting from the standards-based courses below. Students can learn and progress at their own pace, and even apply their skills to practical, real-life situations.

Why Choose Time4Learning’s Homeschool Math Curriculum?

Finding an online math program for homeschoolers that correlates to state standards can be quite a challenge. Some programs aren’t fun and engaging enough, while others may not offer the detailed explanations that allow students to build a thorough understanding of complex math concepts.

Time4Learning’s interactive math program provides all of these things in a student-paced environment that motivates students to do their best. As a bonus, members have access to Time4MathFacts, which allows students to practice their math facts through fun, skill-focused activities.

Parents love the flexibility and depth of Time4Learning curriculum, including features like:

  • Multimedia-based lessons, animated activities, instructional videos
  • Flexible grade levels and 24/7 access
  • Automated grading and recordkeeping
  • Printable worksheets for additional reinforcement
  • Ability to repeat lessons and retake tests and quizzes
  • Detailed lesson plans and activity planners
  • Individual logins and online playground
  • Real life applications to reinforce math concepts
  • Low monthly fee with money-back guarantee

Children with special needs can also benefit from Time4Learning’s homeschool math curriculum. The interactive, flexible format motivates all types of students and keeps them engaged as they learn and retain information in the process. Parents can also customize the homeschool curriculum based on their child’s specific needs.

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