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Sixth Grade Math Curriculum

Sixth Grade Math Curriculum
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Teaching 6th grade math will require a comprehensive 6th grade math curriculum at your fingertips to help you teach your child effectively while making learning math fun.

In order to ensure that your child reaches their learning targets, it’s important that the 6th grade math program you choose correlates to all state standards and provides plenty of opportunities for practice. This will help your child gain confidence as they master new math concepts. Navigate the links below to get started:

What Math Should a 6th Grader Know

The major math strands for a sixth grade curriculum are number sense and operations, algebra, geometry and spatial sense, measurement, and functions and probability. While these math strands might surprise you, they cover the basics of what a sixth grader should learn in math.

Students in 6th grade should already master math facts to help them understand more advanced math concepts. Some of the skills you should ensure mastery on for 6th graders  include:

  • Multiplying 3-digit by 2-digit numbers
  • Comparing, rounding, and performing basic operations with decimals
  • Fractions: adding, subtracting, simplifying, comparing, etc.
  • Data analysis using bar graphs, line graphs, Venn diagrams, etc.
  • Geometry: using a protractor, sorting and classifying triangles, polygons, quadrilaterals

Learn more about Time4Learning’s sixth grade math curriculum by checking out the scope and sequence and the 6th grade math lesson plans.

Math Objectives for 6th Grade

At the beginning of the school year you should define some 6th grade math goals and objectives for your student. Below is a general idea of the 6th grade math objectives your child should be working towards.

  • Understand pre-algebra concepts such as using variables to simplify expressions
  • Identify decimal place value; compare and order decimals using a number line
  • Use frequency tables and identify appropriate intervals
  • Know how to use ratios and rates to compare data
  • Locate and plot points on a coordinate graph using ordered pairs
  • Understand the relationship between fractions, decimals, and percents.

Why Choose Time4Learning Sixth Grade Math Homeschool Curriculum

Our 6th grade math curriculum can be used as the main homeschool program or as a supplement to other curricula and after school students. Thousands of families consistently trust Time4Learning to teach all the crucial concepts students must know and help them reach all their objectives for the year.

Below are even more reasons why families around the country are choosing Time4Learning for their sixth graders.

As a Full Curriculum
  • Comprehensive curriculum covers all the math concepts 6th graders need to learn to build a solid math foundation.
  • Curriculum is presented in a way that builds on itself and is laid out by chapters, lessons, and activities.
  • Option to change math course allows your child to review previous year’s concepts or get a head start for seventh grade.
  • Ability to redo lessons, and retake tests and quizzes from anywhere, any time.
  • Activity planners and curriculum calculators help keep students organized and working independently.
  • Our 6th grade math curriculum is designed to meet national standards.
  • Parents can participate and watch how new math concepts are introduced progressively and mastered through practice.
  • Parents can easily keep track of their child’s progress with automated grading and recordkeeping, while printable reports make it simple to put together homeschool portfolios.
As a Supplement
  • Provides plenty of math practice for 6th graders struggling at school.
  • Lessons are engaging and interactive so students have fun while mastering advanced math skills.
  • Flexibility to log in anytime 24/7 makes it perfect for practicing math after school or on weekends.
  • Student-paced approach means that students can take their time with challenging subjects and learn at a pace that is right for them.
  • Our 6th grade math curriculum promotes algebraic thinking to help prepare students for 7th grade.
  • With our comprehensive 6th grade math program, children are placed in the sequence based on their current skills.
  • As a supplemental math program it can be adapted to meet your specific students needs and reinforce only those math concepts they struggle with.

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