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Time4Learning and Sonlight® Comparison

Time4Learning and Sonlight® Comparison
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If you’ve been reading Sonlight® homeschool reviews as well as reviews about Time4Learning but want more insight about how both homeschool curriculums compare; you’ve come to the right place!

Time4Learning is an online, multimedia curriculum teaching math, language arts, science, social studies, and more to grades PreK-12. It can be used for homeschool, afterschool, skill building and summer study. Sonlight® is a Christian, literature-based curriculum that offers everything you need to teach PreK-12th grade using engaging books (like historical fiction, biographies and award-winning literature) to give context to information, create an emotional connection and help students retain the information they’re learning.

Selecting a homeschool curriculum is often described as the most difficult thing that homeschooling parents must do. Reviewing homeschool curriculum options can be time consuming and even overwhelming. To alleviate the tedious research process, we’ve compiled an in-depth comparison on the key differences between Time4Learning and Sonlight®, such as:

Time4Learning vs Sonlight®: Features

You’ve probably noticed some significant differences between Time4Learning and Sonlight® by now. Time4Learning is an online homeschool curriculum that uses student-paced multimedia lessons to teach concepts. Families use Time4Learning as their main curriculum or as a supplemental tool with other programs. Printable worksheets, detailed reports, and ongoing assessments are included to help parents easily track their student’s progress.

Sonlight® integrates a literature base into its curriculum, ensuring that children are exposed to a variety of authors while reading many classic books. Historical themes provide the groundwork for their educational process, then expand from there with other subjects. Sonlight® recommends using their “All Subjects” package that includes core subjects along with history, Bible, and science.

To see the full features comparison between the two curricula, visit our Time4Learning vs Sonlight®: Features page.

Time4Learning Sonlight®
  • Student-paced multimedia lessons
  • Printable worksheets
  • Detailed reports
  • Promotes independent learning
  • Literature-based learning
  • Bible based curriculum
  • Instructor’s guides
  • Activity sheets

Time4Learning vs. Sonlight®: Pros and Cons

Depending on your children’s needs and learning styles, one curriculum may work better than the other. You might even find that using both curriculums in combination is the ideal solution for your family. Time4Learning offers many benefits and is versatile enough for thousands of  families around the world, however comparing products is always a great way to be sure. When it comes to your child’s education, you’ll want to know about the pros and cons of homeschooling products such as Sonlight® homeschool curriculum, Time4Learning, and any others on your radar To better understand the pros and cons of each program and find the ideal choice for your family visit our Time4Learning vs Sonlight®: pros and cons page.

Time4Learning vs Sonlight®: Pricing

Time4Learning and Sonlight® use different pricing methods. Time4Learning is based on a month-to-month subscription model which you can start and stop at any time. The cost of Sonlight® homeschool curriculum is determined by the package you purchase. You can purchase individual subjects and build your own curriculum or the more comprehensive “All Subjects” packages for each grade.  Visit the Time4Learning vs Sonlight®: Pricing page for additional information.

How to Use Time4Learning with Sonlight® Curriculum

While comparing Time4Learning to Sonlight® homeschool curriculum is a great way to start your search for the ideal curricula , many families use both programs as part of an eclectic homeschool approach. There are many reasons why a combination approach would be helpful, including:

  • when a student does better with a specific program for one subject but a different curriculum for another
  • when a family wants to offer biblically-based instruction in some subjects, but expose children to other subjects, such as science, that is free of religious undertones
  • to target concepts that students may be having difficulty with by using instruction from both curricula

For more information on how to blend each curriculum into your homeschooling, visit our page on How Sonlight® Can Be Used with Time4Learning.

*Time4Learning is not affiliated with Sonlight®. Time4Learning’s purpose with this article is to provide information to families who are considering an eclectic approach to homeschooling or who wish to compare the benefits of using both curricula. Time4Learning’s products and services are not endorsed or sponsored by Sonlight®.

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