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IXL: How Do I Use It With Time4Learning?

IXL: How Do I Use It With Time4Learning?
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Maybe you’ve explored the different features and pros and cons of both Time4Learning and IXL®, but there are facets of each that you believe your student would benefit from. Because of the flexibility you have with homeschooling, there is no rule that says you have to choose one or the other; you can use both curricula to create the best homeschool program for your individual student. Let’s look at how that might work.

A Mix-and-Match Approach to Homeschool

There’s actually an official name for a homeschool style that takes parts from multiple homeschool programs and resources to create a customized education for your child. It’s called “eclectic homeschooling” and a large segment of homeschool families use the approach. Why? Because it’s unusual for one single program or resource to meet all the needs of an individual student.

Every learner is unique. When evaluating your child’s learning needs, you’ll need to consider:

  • Your student’s learning style
  • Whether your student has a learning disability
  • Whether your student is gifted in one or more areas
  • Which subjects your student needs additional help with
  • How independently your student is able to work
  • What extracurriculars your student is interested in
  • What your overall educational goals are for your student

The answers to these questions usually mean picking and choosing more than one homeschool tool to fulfill all your student’s needs.

Using Time4Learning and IXL® Together for Homeschool

There might be several reasons you want to blend the use of Time4Learning and IXL® in your homeschool. Those might include:

  • You can tell that IXL® works better for one homeschooler in the family and Time4Learning works better for another.
  • To help students tackle specific subjects or concepts by approaching them from multiple angles
  • Using Time4Learning as your core curriculum and IXL® as a supplement

Because they are both online programs, it is easy to integrate each into your homeschool schedule. For example, you might have your student do their Time4Learning lessons in the morning hours, then follow up with time on IXL® in the afternoon. Or, if you have students at multiple levels and each has access to an internet-connected device, one could engage with the activities on IXL®, while the other was completing their math, language arts, science, or social studies exercises on Time4Learning.

Want to know more about how Time4learning compares with IXL® for homeschooling? You might be interested in:

*Time4Learning is not affiliated with IXL®. Time4Learning’s purpose with this article is to provide information to families who are considering an eclectic approach to homeschooling or who wish to compare the benefits of using both curricula. Time4Learning’s products and services are not endorsed or sponsored by IXL®.

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