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Time4Learning and IXL® Comparison

Time4Learning and IXL® Comparison
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Determining which is the best homeschooling curriculum for your child takes time. Doing research, reading reviews, and comparing programs side-by-side can help you make an informed decision. To help you get started, below is a general overview of the Time4Learning homeschool curriculum and IXL®.

Time4Learning is an award-winning PreK through 12 online education program that uses lessons, activities, videos, interactive assessments, and printables to teach standards-based curriculum. It is available 24/7 and includes the following subjects: math, language arts, science and social studies. Time4Learning also offers premier electives which include 10 foreign languages, personal finance, art and health for an additional fee.

IXL® is an online, subscription-based learning program for PreK-12 students. IXL® offers math, language arts, science, social studies, and Spanish.

To help you in your research, we’ve created an in-depth comparison of the major features, benefits and differences between Time4Learning and IXL® that includes:

Time4Learning vs IXL®: Features

Although both homeschool programs share some similarities, there are also a lot of differences between the two. Time4Learning is an online homeschool curriculum that teaches students via student-paced multimedia lessons. Families can use Time4Learning as their core curriculum or as a supplement to other programs. Ten additional languages are available for an added fee. Printable worksheets, detailed reports, and ongoing assessments are included to help parents easily track their student’s progress.

IXL® is also an online curriculum for PreK-12 that provides standards-aligned content in math, language arts, science, and social studies. Families can select a single subject, combo package, or all the core subjects. Spanish is also available for an added fee. Parents have access to progress reports, diagnostic assessments, and learning recommendations for their students. To learn more about each program’s features, visit our Time4Learning vs IXL®: Features page.

  • Student-Paced Multimedia Online Lessons
  • Lesson Plans Available
  • Printable Worksheets
  • Detailed Reports
  • Ongoing Interactive Assessments
  • Multimedia Online Lessons
  • Unlimited Access to Practice Problems and Content
  • Progress Reports
  • Diagnostic Assessments

Time4Learning vs IXL®: Pros and Cons

A common and useful approach when comparing homeschool curricula is to make a list of the pros and cons of each one. This gives you a quick, at a glance peek of some of the advantages and disadvantages of a particular homeschool program that might be be suited for your child.

And since every homeschooling family has different needs and goals, a handy list of the pros and cons of both Time4Learning and IXL® will help you determine which is the best choice based on your family’s budget, worldview, homeschool style, and more. Visit our Time4Learning vs IXL®: Pros and Cons page.

Time4Learning vs IXL®: Pricing

When it comes to both price and pricing structure, Time4Learning and IXL® have some similarities. Both are based on a month-to-month subscription model that allows members to cancel online anytime. Time4Learning offers all subjects for one low, monthly fee, while IXL® offers various packages for families to choose from. To find out more detailed information on how each program is priced, visit our Time4Learning vs IXL®: Pricing page.

How to Use Time4Learning with IXL®

Many families find that mixing and matching various homeschool programs helps meet their children’s educational needs and gives them a more well-rounded approach to learning. If you’re considering both Time4Learning and IXL® for your homeschool, your student will benefit in a number of ways:

  • Extra practice and reinforcement using diverse teaching methods
  • Access to additional subjects means a more thorough learning experience
  • Variety and options motivate students and help prevent boredom

For more information on how to blend each curriculum into your homeschooling, visit our page on how IXL® Curriculum can be used with Time4Learning.

*Time4Learning is not affiliated with IXL®. Time4Learning’s purpose with this article is to provide information to families who are considering an eclectic approach to homeschooling or who wish to compare the benefits of using both curricula. Time4Learning’s products and services are not endorsed or sponsored by IXL®.

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