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Standardized Test Prep in New Hampshire

Standardized Test Prep in New Hampshire
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To comply with state and federal education accountability laws, New Hampshire assesses students each year using several different assessments. These tests all fall under the New Hampshire Statewide Assessment System.

On this page, you will discover information about the  New Hampshire standardized tests, including the types of tests required, testing dates, and the grade levels targeted. You’ll also learn how you can help your child with New Hampshire test prep.

    What State Tests Are Available in New Hampshire?

    The type and subject matter of state assessments in New Hampshire depends on a student’s grade level. Summative assessments cover English language arts, mathematics, and science. Student results for the NH SAS (reading/writing, mathematics and science) are generally available within 10 days upon the student completing the test.

    Below are the primary New Hampshire  state test options for public and charter school students.

    • ELA and Math – The New Hampshire Statewide Assessment System (NH SAS) tests students annually from 3rd-8th grade in both English language arts and mathematics. ELA tests will report on student achievement in reading literature, reading Informational text, and writing/language. Grade 3-5 math tests cover operations, algebraic thinking, numbers and operations, measurement, data and geometry. Grade 6-8 math tests cover ratios, proportional relationships, the number system, expressions, equations, geometry, statistics, and probability.
    • Science – New Hampshire students in grades 5, 8 and 11 will also take the NH SAS science test. This test is aligned with the NextGen science standards.
    • Dynamic Learning Maps – DLM is an alternate assessment given to students with significant cognitive disabilities as designed in their active individualized education program (IEP). The English language arts and math test are administered in grades 3-8, while the DLM for science is administered in grades 5 and 8 only.
    • ACCESS for ELLs – As part of the World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA) Consortium, New Hampshire uses the English language proficiency test aligned with WIDA standards. The English language proficiency test is given annually to all K-12 students identified as English language learners.

    In New Hampshire, parents may choose to exempt their child from state-wide assessments. To do this, you must complete and submit an exemption form to the school your child attends. These can be obtained from the principal of the school.

    When is Standardized Testing in New Hampshire?

    All summative testing in New Hampshire takes place in the spring of each year. Each test takes approximately 2 hours and may be administered over several days. The ACCESS for ELLs  proficiency test is given yearly from mid-January to mid-March. The testing window for DLM assessments is between March and June, depending on each school’s individual testing calendar.

    Do Homeschoolers Have To Take Standardized Tests in New Hampshire?

    Although New Hampshire homeschool laws do not require that homeschool students take an annual standardized test, they do require students to be evaluated each year. Many homeschooling parents opt to use an annual standardized test to assess their students in order to measure strengths and weaknesses.

    Homeschoolers in New Hampshire have the option to take the state assessment test offered by their local school district. They must notify their district if they plan to take advantage of this option. There are many private testing options for homeschool families as well.

    How Time4Learning Can Help With New Hampshire Test Prep

    Time4Learning is a useful and convenient online curriculum that you can use to help prepare your students for New Hampshire standardized testing. Many families in the state use Time4Learning as a supplemental learning tool to boost performance on tests and to reduce overall test anxiety.

    Here are just some of the ways that Time4Learning can help your child with New Hampshire test prep:

    • Time4MathFacts, is a game-based program focused on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It is part of our comprehensive math curriculum to help students build math fact fluency. This fluency is an important predictor of performance on standardized tests.
    • Our multimedia language arts curriculum is designed to deepen students’ understanding of the English language through speaking, reading and writing. Lessons and activities are based on state standards, such as those of the NH SAS.
    • Use of our fun and engaging K-12 science curriculum can lessen the intimidation students feel about the science portion of the NH SAS. With Time4Learning, science is taught using a combination of animated lessons, instructional videos, worksheets, quizzes, tests, and tons of ideas for hands-on projects.
    • Time4Learning’s online format means it is available to be used whenever your student needs it: during the summer, after school, or on weekends.
    • High schoolers preparing for the SAT or ACT examinations will find Time4Learning’s tutorials in subjects like geometry, biology, and U.S. Government to be a great college prep resource.
    • To help your child prepare for standardized testing situations,  test simulations are available in Time4Learning’s curriculum in grades 3-8.
    • As an IBCCES Certified Autism Resource, Time4Learning is ideal for students with special needs who need to practice for New Hampshire’s assessments.

    Through preparation and practice, your child can achieve successful results on their New Hampshire standardized tests scores. In addition, skill-building programs like Time4Learning can prepare your child and build their confidence before they walk in the door.

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