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Standardized Test Prep in Idaho

Standardized Test Prep in Idaho
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In Idaho, traditionally schooled students are required to take standardized tests in certain grades. There have been some adjustments to the state’s standardized testing in recent years. One of these changes is a citizenship test now being required for all students.

On this page you’ll learn about Idaho state assessment tests, when they are administered, the grade levels targeted and more. Once you’ve learned all the basics, you can read how Time4Learning can be a valuable test prep tool to help your child succeed in future tests.

    What Standardized Tests Are Available in Idaho?

    Standardized tests are mandatory in Idaho. And there are a number of standardized tests that public school students must take. The state uses Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium for annual standardized testing. Tests range from annual reading and math assessments in addition to a requirement, which began in the 2016-2017 school year, for every public school student to pass the United States Citizenship Test.

    Below is an overview of the standardized tests in Idaho:

    • ISAT Comprehensive System – The purpose of this test is to help improve students’ learning. These test students in the subjects of math and English language arts in grades 3-8 and once in high school. Additionally, students in 5th and 7th grade also take the ISAT science assessment.
    • Civics Assessment – Since the 2016-2017 school year, students in Idaho are required to take the United States Citizenship Test between grades 7 and 12. This civics test is considered a graduation requirement and may be administered orally, multiple choice, written or however the school district deems appropriate. Students have the option of repeating the test until they receive a passing score.
    • ISAT Science – Idaho science assessments are given to public school students in grades 5, 8, and 11. Students are evaluated on their knowledge of life sciences, physical sciences, and earth and space sciences.
    • Idaho Reading Indicator (IRI) – This computer assessment is an early reading diagnostic and screener which offers optional annual progress monitoring. The IRI covers the following: Phonemic awareness, alphabetic knowledge, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. It is given to qualifying students in grades K-3.
    • WIDA/ACCESS for ELLs – Idaho uses a WIDA diagnostic test to screen newly-enrolled students, who speak a primary language other than English. Once students are assessed, ACCESS for ELLs is given to those students demonstrating a need for English language support. This assessment monitors progress in four areas: Reading, writing, listening, and speaking. English language assessment and support is offered to Idaho public school students in grades 1-12.
    • Idaho Alternate Assessment (IDAA) – Idaho offers alternate assessments to public school students with significant cognitive disabilities. Alternate testing covers English language arts/literacy and math. There is a separate IDAA for science.
    • Lexile/Quantile Measures – These tests are linked to the ISAT English Language Arts and ISAT Math in grades 3 – 8 and high school. They offer a measurement for student reading ability, along with a corresponding measure for reading levels as well as measure the difficulty levels for different mathematical concepts, along with a measure of each student’s ability to handle these difficulty levels.

    Idaho doesn’t allow parents to opt their children out of standardized testing. Contact your local school district for further information.

    When is Standardized Testing in Idaho?

    Idaho state assessment tests usually fall during the time windows mentioned below:

    • ISAT Comprehensive System – Spring.
    • Civics – Varies. Students can take the Idaho citizenship assessment anytime after grade 7. Idaho public school students must pass the test before graduation.
    • ISAT Science – Spring
    • Idaho Reading Indicator (IRI) – Fall and Spring, throughout the school year if necessary.
    • WIDA/ACCESS for ELLs – January through March.
    • Idaho Alternate Assessment (IDAA) – Contact your local school district for IDAA test dates.
    • Lexile/Quantile Measures – Varies.

    Do Homeschoolers Have To Take Standardized Tests in Idaho?

    Participating in standardized tests is not a requirement for homeschoolers in Idaho. Many homeschooling families however, do like to test their students to better assess gaps in their child’s education.

    The standardized tests mentioned above are not available to homeschoolers. However, there are multiple private homeschool testing services around the state for parents to choose from.

    How Time4Learning Can Help You With Idaho Tests

    Using technology as an educational tool has become a practical and helpful solution for parents around the world. Many parents in Idaho use Time4Learning as a supplement to school to boost their child’s learning confidence and to help them prepare for standardized tests.

    Here are just some of the ways that Time4Learning helps children with test prep:

    • Practice test simulations are part of our online curriculum in grades 3-8 to help students reduce test taking anxiety.
    • Time4MathFacts helps students master addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. This foundation allows them to perform better in math later on and on their ASAT Math tests.
    • Our extensive language arts curriculum offers dozens of online lessons and supplemental offline materials to help your child master the concepts tested in the ISAT English Language Arts test.
    • Understanding scientific information is fun and easy with our online science curriculum. It’s a perfect supplement to help prep your students for the ISAT science assessment.
    • Time4Learning’s social studies curriculum and high school U.S. government course, help students gain the information needed to easily pass Idaho’s citizenship assessment.
    • The convenience of no strict schedules allow students to begin preparing for standardized tests at anytime — over the summer, on weekends, etc.
    • Ability to redo lessons and retake tests and quizzes help students nail down challenging test subjects and topics.
    • Our curriculum is supportive of different learning styles and students with different learning abilities.

    Through preparation and practice, your child can achieve successful results when taking standardized tests in Idaho. In addition, skill-building programs like Time4Learning can prepare your child and build their confidence before they walk in the door.

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