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Idaho Homeschool Associations

Idaho Homeschool Associations
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While Idaho doesn’t regulate or monitor home education, a statewide homeschool association can provide many benefits to new and experienced homeschoolers alike. Idaho had two homeschool associations that merged into one to form the Homeschool Idaho association. Because of Idaho’s relaxed homeschool laws, more and more families join the community each year and this homeschool association is eager to help parents along their homeschooling journey.

Learn more about Idaho’s homeschool association, what it offers and how your family can benefit from joining.

About Homeschool Idaho Association

The two statewide homeschool organizations known as Idaho Coalition of Home Educators (ICHE) and Christian Homeschoolers of Idaho State (CHOIS) merged together in 2018 to form a single homeschool association now under the name “Homeschool Idaho”.

Each organization’s mission has been consolidated into one. Now working to protect the right of families to homeschool without restriction in the state of Idaho as well as promote parent-led education throughout the state.

It exists to support and guide homeschoolers regardless of worldview, age or educational choice. Some of the membership benefits include:

  • Voluntary standardized testing for homeschoolers in grades 3-12
  • Participation in the annual Legislative Day where test scores and other projects are displayed
  • Participation in Honor Societies for homeschoolers in grades 5-12
  • Yearly homeschool convention
  • Teacher and student ID cards for discounts in many businesses
  • Idaho State Homeschool Graduation ceremony for high schoolers
  • Used homeschool curriculum sale

Learn more about Homeschool Idaho here.

Why Join a Homeschool Association

Families most certainly don’t need to become members of a statewide homeschool association, however, the benefits can prove to be very useful. Especially for those just beginning their homeschooling journey. Some of the benefits you can expect when joining a homeschool association are:

  • Remain up-to-date with homeschool laws in Idaho
  • Easily connect with other homeschoolers in Idaho
  • A yearly homeschool conference with great speakers, curriculum vendors, etc
  • Alerts about community events and curriculum exchanges or resale
  • Discounts on events and/or educational products

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