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Middle School Math – A website that teaches at their level

Middle School Math – A website that teaches at their level
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Helping Middle School Students Learn. Software that allows the students to be the teacher.

There are many middle school web sites, online resources, and lesson plans. How do parents choose the right middle school website? Should they mix middle school resources and lesson plans? Use the same web site for middle school math and language arts?

Time4Learning is a new approach to education. Our online learning material takes advantage of today’s technology. It’s a convenient, interactive middle school and junior high resource that helps students learn language arts and math. Plus, Time4Learning includes middle school and junior high science and social studies as a bonus! For younger siblings, Time4Learning provides programs for both preschool and elementary school. Time4Learning is used for enrichment, homeschool, remedial, gifted, or special needs.

Children like using the computer to learn. Time4Learning’s online interactive curriculum engages and challenges children, pre-teens and teenagers, letting them work at their own pace.

Parents like that it tracks progress and helps children advance by teaching with individualized learning paths that assure coverage of the skills and concepts that make children succeed. Parents like that they can use Time4Learning for all their children in preschool, elementary school, and middle school. Parents like that Time4Learning provides a comprehensive solution: language arts and math, lesson plans and activities and assessments, online materials and printable worksheets.

Time4Learning is proven effective, has a low monthly price, and provides a money-back guarantee so you can make sure that it works for your middle school student, satisfaction guaranteed! Sign up

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Middle School Math

In middle school, the math levels move forward quickly, so children without sound foundational skills can get lost and need remedial help. Time4Learning allows parents to place children independently within our curriculum to ensure that each student is working at his or her optimal level. It is not unusual for a student to be working at an eighth grade language arts level and a seventh grade math level, for instance. The middle school math lesson plans are organized by skills. Each lesson focuses on a skill, first introducing it using an animated or illustrated lesson designed to interest middle school students. Students then work their way through interactive exercises to learn the skill, use printable worksheets for reinforcement, and finally are tested with unit quizzes to assess their mastery of the material. Middle school lesson plans are simple with Time4Learning!

In middle school number sense, students work to the trillion level in place value, with positive and negative numbers, with scientific notation, fractions, decimals, powers, percentages, and mixed numbers. In addition to the basic operations, students will learn to factor, find LDC & GCF, prime factors, absolute value, work with mutliple operations, find principle and negative square roots, work with proportions, and estimation.

In middle school geometry and spatial reasoning, students begin by identifying and constructing shapes, measuring angles, defining points, segments, rays and lines, and then move on to creating scale drawings, determining the area of triangles, circles and squares, measuring the volume of prisms, cubes, cylinders and more.

In the middle school measurement strand, students work with customary units, metrics, conversions from one system to another, and indirect measurements.

In middle school data analysis and probability, students learn to recognize independent and dependent events; determine expressions for data permutations and combinations; identify the characteristics of ordered sets; and work with Box-and-Whisker plots.

Time4Learning’s online, interactive educational material offers each child a personal learning path which they progress on at their own pace. Signup for Time4Learning, and have your own personalized home education resource.

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