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Middle School Curriculum

Middle School Curriculum
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Time4Learning offers an online, interactive middle school curriculum that can be used for homeschool, afterschool, summer study, and skill building.

An overview of our middle school curriculum outlined below provides a detailed list of the grade level offering which is organized into the following:

  • Lessons and activities for grade levels sixth, seventh and eighth
  • Primary focus on math, language arts, and science which are standards-based and correlate to state standards
  • Social Studies as a complimentary bonus which can be used as an instructional supplement
  • Foreign language learning including: English (American), Spanish (Latin American), Chinese (Mandarin), Latin, French, German, Italian, Japanese, or Russian (all as an optional add on)
  • Top 100 2019
  • Safe4Kids
  • Cathy Duffy Top 100 2017
  • iParenting Media Award Winner
  • BBB Award

What Is Included in Middle School Homeschool Curriculum?

  • Complete curriculum for middle school with 220+ chapters, 4300+ activities, worksheets and quizzes
  • Chapter lessons with detailed descriptions of the content covered
  • Multiple activity types to instill skill mastery including non-scored activities, quizzes and printable quiz answer keys
  • Lesson worksheets and answer keys covering the materials presented
  • Easy access to additional chapters within each subject
  • Access to three grade levels at a time so they can move or review at their own pace
  • Animated lessons, instructional videos, worksheets, quizzes, tests, and both online and offline projects

Middle School Curriculum

Middle School Language Arts

Middle school language arts focuses on phonics, fluency, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, reading comprehension, writing processes and more. Students can access Language Arts Extensions which can be used as a supplement to the Language Arts curriculum for extra help with reading comprehension skills and strategies.

  1. Sixth Grade Language Arts
  2. Seventh Grade Language Arts
  3. Eighth Grade Language Arts

View our language arts curriculum overview page for more information.

Middle School Math

Middle school math is organized by grade level and includes lessons that cover the concepts of number theory, value and meaning, measurement, geometry, number sense, geometry, spatial reasoning, data analysis, probability and more.

  1. Sixth Grade Math
  2. Seventh Grade Math
  3. Eighth Grade Math

View our math curriculum overview page for more information.

Middle School Science

Middle school science courses cover materials typically offered at the sixth to eighth grade level. It is organized into three primary courses that correlate to state standards:

  1. Earth/Space Science
  2. Life Science
  3. Physical Science

In addition, Nature of Science is also provided as a supplement with each of the middle school courses. View the middle school science overview page for course descriptions.

It is also important to mention that Time4Learning is a curriculum provider– not a school. Therefore, Time4Learning cannot be accredited, nor can homeschooled students “graduate” from Time4Learning.

Benefits of Homeschool Middle School Curriculum

Time4Learning can be used with a broad array of student types, learning styles, and homeschooling methods. The majority of the families using Time4Learning are homeschoolers. Some use it as their primary curriculum, while others use it to supplement or as part of an eclectic approach.

We understand middle school is a crucial time for physical and mental development in children. Which is why we recognize the need for educational growth, but more importantly how essential it is to build confidence in young adults.

To address this need, Time4Learning students can select different grade levels per subject and parents can create a schedule that is best suited to their child’s workload, learning style or skill level. Our automated student-paced system tracks lesson and activity progress so that parents can measure their students strengths and quickly identify possible areas for additional help or skill mastery.

Time4Learning’s middle school curriculum provides students with:

  • The tools to work independently, study confidently, and excel, all while in the comfort and safety of their own home
  • Access to three grade levels at a time to review and move forward when ready
  • Self-paced and engaging lessons allowing students to learn in a pressure-free environment
  • Ad-free environment where students can focus on their lessons, and not feel rushed or pressured
  • Access to their very own educational playground where they can take a break, as a reward after lesson time
  • An online student-paced system that teaches lessons and reinforces skills or concepts
  • Time-stamped online activities (for attendance), progress tracker, and printable reports that can be turned into student transcripts or included with homeschool portfolios
  • Multimedia lessons, instructional videos, printable worksheets, quizzes, tests
  • Both online and offline projects that focus largely on developing higher order thinking and writing skills

The Time4Learning Curriculum Structure

Time4Learning has been refined through years of feedback from educators, parents, and students. Subjects are organized into chapters composed of interactive lessons, printable worksheets, quizzes and tests. Students are guided through the activities at their own pace by an automated system.

For example, when a student logs in, they choose a subject, select a chapter, pick a lesson and complete the activities. Visual and auditory prompts guide students through the lessons, making it easy for even young learners to follow, and an online playground (controlled by parents) rewards and motivates them to finish their lessons.

Parents get access to printable lesson plans, teaching tools, detailed reporting and parental support through our online Parent Forum.

Sign up for Time4Learning and gain access to a variety of educational materials, which will engage and challenge your child to succeed. Make Time4Learning a part of your children’s homeschool resources success.

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