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Homeschooling an Eighteen Year Old

So, you’re homeschooling a eighteen year old, congratulations! You are on a grand adventure full of tough choices, important milestones, and shared successes.

You are likely on this page because you are curious about what homeschooling your eighteen year old might be like, what other eighteen year olds may be learning, and what eighteen year old homeschool courses might look like.

While adolescents don’t always develop the same skills at the same age, parents often like to know what to expect from their child in a given time frame. The following information is intended to be a comparison tool, but keep in mind that your child is unique and complex and this information should be considered in the context of your child’s specific development.

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Common Characteristics of Eighteen Year Olds

For those eighteen year olds who will soon be departing the nest for their next adventures, this year can be a mixture of excitement and nostalgia. They may waver between talking non-stop about their college or gap-year plans and browsing through old pictures of friends and family. They may also feel the need to cool down any intense romantic or even non-romantic attachments that take up a lot of their time and energy. This is a normal part of transitioning toward the next phase of their life’s journey.

Other things that can be common to eighteen year olds include:

  • feeling less influenced by peer pressure
  • listening to, and even seeking out, the advice of parents and older adults
  • difficulty with concentration on school work
  • a desire for more social freedom
  • becoming more introspective about big life decisions

What To Expect When Homeschooling a Eighteen Year Old

When living with and homeschooling, an eighteen year old, compromise is the name of the game. Yes, they are on the cusp of adulthood. Yes, they likely make many of their own decisions. Yes, they may be living away from home in the near future. This doesn’t mean that home rules don’t apply, or that you have fewer expectations of what they can and should accomplish as they finish their homeschool education. The great news is that your student is much more likely to really listen when you speak this year, and as long as you are open to listening as well, you can usually find some great compromises between what they want and what you want for this important year.

If you haven’t already worked it into your homeschool schedule, this can be an important year to cover the life skills your son or daughter will need as they enter adulthood. Everything from personal finance, car maintenance, to basic cooking skills can make up aspects of a Life Skills course for your high schooler.

Another big part of homeschooling an eighteen year old may be planning for your student’s graduation. Whether you will be participating in a local or statewide homeschool graduation, or just celebrating as a family, it’s important to commemorate the occasion just as much for your homeschooler as you would if your child were graduating from a public school. can be an incredibly helpful resource in this regard. This site offers multiple articles and info on homeschool graduations, including a free downloadable homeschool graduation planner.

What Eighteen Year Olds Are Learning About

In traditional education settings, eighteen year olds are exploring a wide range of new information. Age eighteen is a common year to learn about:

  • advanced math, such as calculus, statistics, or trigonometry
  • United States government and economics
  • 18th, 19th, and 20th century American literature
  • writing term papers and developing bibliographies
  • physics
  • various electives that could include foreign language, career studies, or technology

How Time4Learning Can Help Your Eighteen Year Old

One thing many eighteen year olds have in common is their love for computer-based learning. In fact, you may find they have a hard time pulling themselves away from their favorite apps or online games. This is one reason Time4Learning is a natural choice for eighteen year old online home school. The lessons in the Time4Learning curriculum are multimedia, interactive, and engaging and keep kids enthusiastic about their homeschool day.

Subjects are organized into chapters composed of interactive lessons, printable worksheets, quizzes and tests. This mixture of online lessons, offline practice, and assessment keep your homeschooler’s day varied and stimulating. The Time4Learning high school curriculum also correlates to state standards.

NOTE: This website provides information of a general nature and is designed for information and educational purposes only and does not constitute medical or legal advice.

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