It’s no secret that Time4Learning is the most convenient, comprehensive online homeschool curriculum available. We offer more than 3,000 student-paced multimedia activities in language arts, math, science, and social studies. And while our homeschool tools including lesson plans by grade and subject make it less time consuming to plan your homeschool day, week, month ,or year, we want to offer our members one more resource – a Homeschool Unit Study.

We know how much children (and adults) can gravitate to a particular subject. What parent doesn’t love it when their child seems thirsty for seemingly endless knowledge on a topic whether it’s trains, food, or space? You can certainly find an endless supply of ideas with a Google search, but for parents trying to fulfill their children’s interest in all things earth and space, check out this list of Time4Learning lessons that point you directly to activities and assignments on space, the /sp/ sound, the long a, compound words, and more by grade level.  Saturate your children’s love of space, planets, earth’s landforms, the sky, flight, and astronauts for weeks to come.

Earth and Space

Download a list of handpicked lessons pulled from our award-winning curriculum that tie into earth and space science for your unit study!