There is no shortage of natural beauty in the Mountain State. With tons of rich history, scenic mountains, rolling hills and endless recreational activities, homeschoolers have never-ending options for educational field trip ideas in West Virginia.

Below are several ideas to enhance your child’s learning in the Mountain State broken down by geographical area. To start planning your adventures, use this printable map of West Virginia.

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Home education is not the same in every state. Make sure you’re getting the information you need to start homeschooling in the Mountain State.

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Homeschool Field Trips in the Ohio River Valley, WV

Ohio River Valley WV Field Trips
  • Grave Creek Mound Historical Site, Moundsville, WV – Built by the Adena, a Native American culture, this burial mound is one of the largest in the U.S. and stands 63 feet tall, and 240 around. Visitors can also visit the Delf Norona Museum that first opened in 1978 to learn more about the Adena people through exhibits and displays. Groups can book interpretive lectures as well as partake in hands-on programs.
  • Olgebay Good Zoo, Wheeling, WV – This 30-acre zoo is home to more than 50 species of animals including meerkats, river otters, lemurs, and more. A one and a half mile train ride gives visitors a unique view of the zoo. A homeschool program is available for families, as well as a teen volunteer program, painting classes, and more.
  • Huntington Museum of Art, Huntington, WV – First opened in 1952, this museum is the largest art museum in the state. Visitors can view various art collections including American, European, and Asian art, Haitian paintings and sculptures, a glass collection, and more. Program are available for children as well as teens.

Homeschool Field Trips in Allegheny Plateau, WV

Allegheny Plateau WV Field Trips
  • Clay Center for the Arts & Science of West Virginia, Charleston, WV – Opened in 2003, this 240,000 square foot facility houses an art museum, discovery museum, and a performing arts center. Families can take part in educational programs and workshops at the art museum, numerous hands-on exhibits at the discovery museum, and a number of shows, special events, and concerts at the performance hall.
  • Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine, Beckley, WV – Although initially opened in the late 19th century as a drift mine, this mine first opened to the public in 1962. Visitors can tour the underground mine and learn firsthand from former miners, explore numerous hands-on exhibits, and check out numerous coal camp buildings nearby.
  • Stonewall Jackson Lake State Park, Roanok, WV – For those families looking to get in their physical education, this park offers tons of options. Homeschoolers can swim, bike or hike the various trails available that range from one mile to just over three miles. Visitors can also play mini golf, try the indoor rock climbing wall, and more.

Homeschool Field Trips in Allegheny Highlands, WV

Allegheny Highlands WV Field Trips
  • Lost World Caverns, Lewisburg, WV – Explore the stalagmites and stalactites as you head underground at these caverns discovered in 1942. Visitors can take a self-guided tour or opt for a guided tour where they can view many of the cave’s formations such as Snowy Chandelier, Ice Cream Wall, and more.
  • Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge, Davis, WV – For families studying science or nature, this wildlife refuge offers tons of learning opportunities such as wildlife viewing, photography, and more. Nature-themed storytime as well as several interpretive and environmental education programs are available for students.
  • Green Bank Observatory, Green Bank, WV – Located in an area known as the National Radio Quiet Zone and home to the world’s largest radio telescope, this observatory offers tons of learning opportunities for homeschoolers. Visitors can take a guided tour of the 25,000 square foot science center, explore the hands-on exhibit hall, and more.
  • Blackwater Falls State Park, Davis, WV – Visitors to this park can take advantage of the trails that offer picturesque views of the surround area as well as the various falls, including the main attraction, Blackwater Falls. The 62-foot cascade is one of the most photographed places in West Virginia.

Homeschool Field Trips in the Potomac Section, WV

Potomac Section WV Field Trips
  • The John Brown Wax Museum, Harpers Ferry, WV – Families can enhance their social studies curriculum by learning about abolitionist John Brown and his raid on Harpers Ferry. Over 80 life-size wax figures with voice and animation tell the story of how he planned to free slaves by inciting a revolt.
  • Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, Harpers Ferry, WV – Visitors can explore this historic community that includes numerous exhibits, museums, ranger programs, and more. Guided tours and talks are available on a number of topics, as well as hikes and living history programs.
  • Potomac Eagle Scenic Railroad, Romney, WV – Take a scenic ride on this heritage railroad that gives passengers views of the mountains, pastures, as well as the South Branch Valley of the Potomac River where many bald eagles make their home. Operating since 1991, the railroad offers various excursions and special events throughout the year.
  • Seneca Caverns, Riverton, WV – Discovered in 1742 and opened to the public in 1930, these limestone caverns were one used by Seneca Indians for shelter, ceremonies, and more. Homeschoolers can go on a cave tour to explore the geological formations or take part in gemstone mining where visitors can take home their findings.

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