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Preschool Learning Games and Educational Activities

The Time4Learning preschool curriculum combines technology, animated characters, original stories and fun music to inspire a love of learning in the littlest e-learners. Ed Mouse and his friends guide children through more than forty themes such as numbers, letters, rhymes, self, time, music and colors. Click to see our preschool lesson plans.

Kindergarten Readiness

Time4Learning provides a solid standards-based foundation for Kindergarten readiness. Time4Learning’s preschool program is divided into two distinct educational levels, an alphabet level, and recurring practice is provided in concepts that include ordering, classifying, syllables, patterns, rhymes, colors, and number and letter recognition. This engaging curriculum can be used either for homeschooling or as an online afterschool preschool tutorial.

More Than Just Fun

With Time4Learning’s friendly characters, interactive activities and fun musical videos, Time4Learning will help make learning fun from the very start.

When they’re logged in to Time4Learning, preschoolers won’t just sit and watch; they’ll laugh, learn, participate and explore. They’ll sing along with Ed Mouse on the farm and get up and exercise with a group of kids. They’ll yell out numbers to an octopus under the sea and politely help a mountain climber scale Manners Mountain. Children can label their virtual school supplies box and library card with their own name and plan their week with a customizable weekly planner. You’ll see smiles and hear giggles that let you know that your children are having fun and when they start talking about habitats and tertiary colors, you’ll know it’s more than just fun.

Preschool Games Online: Part of the Mix

While it is important to have a range of activities, learning from preschool software can start as soon as children can effectively handle a mouse.

Usually, around three or four years of age, preschoolers can readily spend up to a half an hour per day on the computer. Children like the independence and stimulation of interacting with Time4Learning’s online preschool games. If they are able to use a mouse, they are ready to get started.

Take a Tour of Our Preschool Curriculum!

Time4Learning builds preschool literacy and mathematics skills through online learning activities and educational games. Our preschool curriculum provides developmentally appropriate learning activities, educational games and extension ideas that stimulate young learners. The preschool curriculum can be used by both homeschoolers as well as non-homeschoolers looking for extra practice or as an online preschool tutorial.

Balancing computer and offline experiences to help children strengthen important reading and math skills at home, Time4learning offers a comprehensive, fun preschool program by which to start a child’s educational experience. Click to see free demos of our PreK through High School grade material.

PreK - 8th

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9th - 12th

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