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Kids Learning Software
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Choosing the right learning software for your kids can be a daunting task. Parents want learning software that will teach their kids and which the kids will like learning. However, while there are many entertaining “educational” web sites and software programs, few qualify as a real educational learning system. Lessons much be appropriately sequenced, reinforced, and be both educational and engaging. So how do you find learning software your kids will want to use?

When evaluating kids learning software, you should make sure that it:

  • Builds on existing reading, writing and math skills.
  • Reinforces reading, writing, and math skills.
  • Encourages kids to become active learners through exploration and discovery.
  • Introduces new learning opportunities in a safe, supportive environment.
  • Balances learning with fun!

Time4Learning offers a comprehensive, educational learning system that builds and reinforces reading, writing and math skills. Using an interactive online environment, our educational learning system mixes educational lessons with learning games designed engage and challenge your young learner. Sign Up for Time4Learning to get the best in kids learning software.

  • Top 100 2019
  • Safe4Kids
  • Cathy Duffy Top 100 2017
  • iParenting Media Award Winner

Teaching To Kids’ Learning Styles

Another consideration to take into account when you’re purchasing kids learning software is what type of learning style works best with your kids, and whether or not the lessons, activities and assessments that come with the software match their learning styles. Activities appropriate for one kid, may not work for another.

Keep in mind, kids learn as they respond to the environment around them. The way a kid processes social, emotional or physical stimuli is called his/her learning style. A lot of education research has been done on this subject, and experts have identified three basic learning styles:

  • Auditory learners remember by talking out loud, like to have things explained orally and may have trouble with written instructions. Auditory learners may talk to themselves when learning something new.
  • Visual learners easily remember visual details and prefer to see what they are learning. They prefer to write down instructions and may have trouble following lectures
  • Kinesthetic or tactile learners prefer activities that allow them to do what they are learning about. Tactile learners like to touch things in order to learn about them and like to move around when talking or listening.

Identifying your kid’s preferred learning style will help you pick software that has activities that are most interesting to your kid. Be aware that your kid’s learning style may be different from your own: trying to explain something verbally when your kid would understand a picture better can be frustrating for both of you!

Time4Learning recognizes that kids learn differently and offers activities geared to engage young learners from all three learning styles. Sign Up for Time4Learning, and get an interactive, educational learning system geared for your kid’s learning style.

Father and son

Time4Learning is vibrant, engaging, educational, and funny. It sure beats our previous homeschool curriculum which was textbook/workbook based.

Smiling teenager

Time4Learning is so effective that very little intervention is required. This works great if you're homeschooling multiple children.

Buyer Beware: A Major Mistake Parents Can Make with Learning Software

Many parents make the mistake of purchasing learning CDs that teach a group of isolated lessons. For example, your kid is having issues with math facts so you purchase learning software related to practicing the math facts. Oftentimes, the reason kids are having issues in school is because they don’t have the basic foundation needed to perform that activity. Purchasing learning software and giving kids more problems to practice when they don’t have the necessary skills to perform the activity will only further frustrate them, making them more resistant to learning.

Time4Learning offers a complete, online educational learning system. Instead of learning isolated lessons, kids receive a comprehensive suite of lessons, learning activities, and assessments that are geared to kids’ specific learning styles. Activities are set so kids can progress at their own pace, and are not limited by the educational materials on a particular CD. Sign Up for Time4Learning and get your kids access to finest online educational learning system available.

The Time4Learning Program Structure

Time4Learning has been refined through years of feedback from educators, parents, and students. Subjects are organized into chapters composed of interactive lessons, printable worksheets, quizzes and tests. Students are guided through the activities at their own pace by an automated system.

When students log in, they choose a subject, select a chapter, pick a lesson and complete the activities. A bright green arrow tells them where they left off, and completed work is clearly labeled with a check-mark or a gold star. Visual and auditory prompts guide students through the lessons making them easy for young learners to follow, and an online playground (controlled by parents) rewards and motivates them to finish their lessons.

Parents get access to printable lesson plans, teaching tools, detailed reporting and parental support through our online Parent Forum.

Does your child have different achievement levels for math and language arts? No problem. Time4Learning lets you set each individual subject at the appropriate graded level, making this program great for special needs and gifted students.

PreK - 8th

  • Monthly, first student
  • ($14.95 monthly for each additional student)

9th - 12th

  • Monthly, per student
  • (Includes 4 courses per student)

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