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How to Homeschool Twelfth Grade

How to Homeschool Twelfth Grade
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12th grade homeschoolers typically study advanced math such as Precalculus and Trigonometry, a high school level social studies and science course, English IV and at least one elective such as foreign language, arts and others.

With Time4Learning, families have many options for homeschooling 12th grade. Our program has a wide selection of courses to choose from as their students get ready to graduate from high school and prepare for life beyond graduation.

Below is some information on how to homeschool 12th grade, learning objectives for this year, and more.

How to Homeschool Twelfth Grade

In order to get started homeschooling 12th grade, there are few steps you must take.

  • Find out what your state’s homeschooling requirements are.
  • Research homeschool curricula to find the one that best suits your child’s needs.
  • Work with your child to create goals and objectives for the year.
  • Decide on a homeschool schedule that takes into consideration part-time jobs/volunteering/extracurricular activities.
  • Discuss post-high school plans and research possible colleges/universities/technical schools or explore career options that interest your child.

Not sure how to plan your senior student’s year? Check out our 12th grade scope and sequence page.

What Schedule is Best for a Twelfth Grader?

The answer to this question varies depending on your family’s unique situation. Several factors should be taken into consideration when deciding on the best schedule for your twelfth grader. In addition to keeping in mind your child’s goals and any unique challenges or needs, it’s also important to think about your child’s extracurricular activities since, at this age, many students may have part-time jobs, volunteer several times a week, or be dual-enrolled.

Typically, a student in 12th grade should be doing school work for approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour per subject each day. While some families find it helpful to work on each subject on a daily basis, others find that it’s best to break subjects up and work on them 2-3 times a week.

Every family is different and no one schedule is right. Talk it out with your child and find what works best for him or her. And don’t forget that with the flexibility that homeschooling affords, they can also complete their work on evenings and even weekends.

Homeschooling Planner

Start planning out your homeschooling days with this free easy to use daily planner.

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What Subjects Are Taught in Twelfth Grade

Typically, courses for 12th grade homeschoolers include the following subjects:

It’s important to find out what your state’s homeschooling laws are and if there are any required subjects that you need to teach. While many states don’t have specific subject requirements, some do.

Twelfth Grade Learning Objectives

A twelfth grade education should ensure that students achieve their learning objectives for the year in every subject. In addition to strengthening their oral and written language skills and applying comprehension strategies in English language arts, students should also be building their analytical math skills as they learn more advanced concepts.

Below are some of the 12th grade learning objectives your child should accomplish:

  • Compare two interpretations of the same story.
  • Connect a text to its social and historical context.
  • Write an analytical essay.
  • Revise writing to strengthen word choice.
  • Solve systems of equations involving three variables algebraically.
  • Use matrix multiplication to solve problems.
  • Graph rational functions.
  • Identify different structures of government.
  • Describe the purpose of each of the ten amendments in the Bill of Rights.
  • Identify major political ideologies.

Reading Book List for Twelfth Grade

This year, students will continue to read and analyze a variety of texts, both classic and contemporary. In order to continue to build their vocabulary and reading comprehension skills, it’s important that students read outside of what’s included in their lessons. Below is a list of recommend books for twelfth graders.

  1. Utopia by Thomas Moore
  2. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
  3. The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood
  4. The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells
  5. The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

The Time4Learning twelfth grade homeschool curriculum for language arts conveniently provides access to excerpts of all the texts that are studied as part of the lesson plans.

Twelfth Grade Homeschooling Tips & Ideas

Homeschooling 12th grade is exciting for many families since it’s the culmination of many years of hard work. While it’s important to make the most of this last year of home education, it’s equally crucial to make sure that your child has completed all their homeschooling requirements, both for the year and high school in general.

Below are some tips and ideas to help you homeschool your 12th grader.

  • Keep an eye on transcripts – Since this is your child’s senior year, make sure that his or her transcripts are up to date and include all the necessary information.
  • Enjoy yourself – Take in every moment that this year brings. Have fun with your student and continue to make beautiful memories that both of you will be able to look back on.
  • Encourage your child to volunteer – If your child hasn’t had the opportunity to volunteer, encourage them to do so. Whether it’s at an animal shelter, a library, or hospital, the opportunities to donate their time and help others are endless. In addition, your child will meet new people and gain tons of experience that will help them in the future.
  • Celebrate your child’s accomplishments – Whether it’s being a part of a commencement ceremony, having a party with family or friends, or taking a special trip, make sure to celebrate all your child’s successes. Be sure to involve your student in the planning process, after all, it’s all about them.
  • Finalize post-graduation plans – Is your child attending college? Make sure their application process is complete and find out if there is anything pending. If your child is heading right into the workforce, make sure they have a resume and a list of potential employers in mind. Whatever it is that your child wants to do, be sure that they have a plan of what they envision for their life after high school.
  • Monitor your child’s progress – This will help you identify any gaps in education so that you can take care of them before the year is over. Speak to your child about their progress on a regular basis to find out how they are feeling and whether they can benefit from additional skill-building activities.
  • Continue to make learning fun and engaging – Just because your child is a high school senior doesn’t mean learning should be dull and uneventful. Be sure to continue to keep your child’s learning exciting and fun. Whether it’s by using an interactive, online curriculum, taking field trips, or being a part of activities with a homeschool group, thinking outside the box when it comes to learning will inspire your child and motivate them to be a lifelong learner.

How Time4Learning Can Help You Homeschool Your Twelfth Grader

Time4Learning’s award-winning, online curriculum can help your high school senior in a number of ways. In addition to providing a comprehensive curriculum that includes math, language arts, science, and social studies, students also have a number of elective courses to help complement and enhance their education. The student-paced approach allows your child to progress at their own pace and work independently.

Parents also benefit with plenty of helpful tools and resources. You’ll have access to your student’s reports, and our automated grading and recordkeeping system will save you time and stress.

Below are even more ways that Time4Learning can help families like yours who are homeschooling 12th grade.

  • Comprehensive curriculum that correlates to state standards.
  • 24/7 access so that students can log in and learn on their time and around their busy schedule.
  • Engaging online lessons, instructional videos, and tons of activities make learning fun.
  • Flexibility to change courses allows students to gain even further knowledge and review past material from previous years.
  • Multimedia-based format includes closed captioning and other enhancements to assist students with special needs.
  • Built-in tools help students take notes, highlight materials, and more, while rich graphics provide more in-depth understanding of topics and concepts.
  • Detailed lesson plans provide parents with helpful information on every lesson and allow them to preview activities.
  • Templates for awards, high school diplomas and transcripts make creating these important documents quick and easy.
  • Activity planners and curriculum calculators help students plan their year and work independently.
  • Educational Game Room allows students to have fun after they have completed their lessons.
  • Fun unit study supplements provide additional learning opportunities as well as downloadable lists of Time4Learning activities that correlate with each topic.

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