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Utah Homeschool Associations

Utah Homeschool Associations
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Homeschoolers in Utah who are looking for guidance and support are fortunate enough to have two homeschool associations readily available to offer assistance. Whether you’re an experienced homeschooler, just getting started, or even just considering at-home education, Utah Home Education Association (UHEA) and Utah Christian Homeschool Association (UTCH) can help you find the information and resources you’re looking for.

This page offers additional information on both UHEA and UTCH to help you discover the benefits of each of these Utah homeschool associations.

Utah Home Education Association (UHEA)

For over 35 years, UHEA has been working hard to not only educate and support parents during their homeschooling journey, but to also “maintain and improve the rights of parents to educate children at home.” Like most other homeschool associations, this non-profit organization is completely run by volunteers and holds the title of largest non-profit homeschooling organization in the state.

Families in the state can join this Utah Homeschool Association for a minimum donation and in return receive tons of benefits and resources. These include discounts, a quarterly newsletters, up-to-date information on homeschool laws, useful resources on curriculum and homeschool groups, and more.

Utah Christian Homeschool Association (UTCH)

UTCH is a non-profit Utah homeschool association that offers support to Christian families in the state. In addition to educating families about their rights and providing fellowship with other home educators, membership to UTCH also comes with numerous benefits such as money-saving discounts, informative newsletters and access to educational workshops and support group meetings. UTCH also hosts numerous events throughout the year including a graduation, convention, family events, and a homeschool seminar.

To join UTCH, families must agree to and sign a Statement of Faith.

Why Join a Homeschool Association?

Joining a Utah homeschool association will enhance your homeschooling experience in more ways than you could possibly imagine. These organizations strive to provide homeschoolers with the guidance and resources that they need and may otherwise not have access to.

Knowing that you’re not alone in your homeschooling journey can help make the experience more enjoyable and less stressful. As a member of a Utah homeschool association, you’ll be surrounded by caring, like-minded families who share in your joys and struggles. Whether you’re on the fence about homeschooling and looking for more information, or a veteran homeschooler going through a trying time, a homeschool association can give you the answers you’re looking for and the support you need.

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