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Homeschooling in Mississippi

Homeschooling in Mississippi
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Teaching your children at home in the Magnolia State couldn’t be more simple or straightforward. Mississippi has few regulations on homeschooling, and enrolling is as easy as submitting a single form with your county attendance officer. Knowing how to homeschool in Mississippi, though, is only the first step on your new adventure. Below, you will discover much more information to help you along your journey including the regulations to follow, where to go for support, how to find curriculum, and even ideas for field trips across the state.

This information should by no means be interpreted as legal advice. It is your responsibility to interpret and understand the laws that you will be homeschooling under.

How to Start Homeschooling in Mississippi

Beginning to homeschool is quite uncomplicated in Mississippi. When you are ready, you can take these four simple steps to homeschooling:

  1. Every year, complete a certificate of enrollment for each child you’ll be homeschooling and submit it to your county attendance officer by September 15.
  2. Officially withdraw your child from their current school (if enrolled).
  3. Choose the homeschool curriculum you’d like to use with your student(s). (Choice of home school programs in Mississippi is up to the parents)
  4. Have fun learning together!

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Mississippi Homeschooling Laws

According to homeschooling law in Mississippi, their main requirement is that children ages 6 to 17 are enrolled in an education program. Unlike many other states, Mississippi has no regulations on the minimum educational criteria for parents, numbers or selection of subjects, curriculum used, or even how many days of instruction there should be. Find out exactly how to enroll in homeschool in Mississippi in our Mississippi Homeschooling Laws page.

Mississippi Homeschool Associations

Almost every state has at least one statewide organization designed to support home educators, and Mississippi is fortunate enough to have a homeschool association. In general, the goal of most any state home education association is to provide support, guidance, and information to homeschoolers in their state. Although valuable at any stage of homeschooling, the Mississippi Homeschool Association will be particularly helpful to you as you are just starting out.

Mississippi Homeschool Groups and Co-ops

New homeschoolers usually need a lot of support while they are learning the ropes. Finding a support group of families who have chosen this unique educational path can be an enormous help in the early months of homeschooling. A great place to begin connecting is on Time4Learning’s Mississippi parent forum. Then, find even more ways to connect with local and regional homeschoolers on the Mississippi Homeschool Groups and Co-ops page.

Homeschool Field Trips in Mississippi

One thing to know right from the beginning about homeschooling: learning happens where ever you happen to be. That means that some of your most vibrant educational experiences will happen outside the walls of your home. Home educators have the freedom to integrate hands-on learning into many subjects, and Mississippi is brimming with places and spaces to practice just that. In our Mississippi Field Trips for Homeschoolers post you will find some great ideas for destinations that will complement your studies in subjects like history, science, and art. Please make sure to contact each site before you plan your visit, as COVID-19 may have impacted their hours of operations.

Mississippi State Test Prep

Many parents use standardized tests as a benchmark system, others use them to identify any potential gaps in their curriculum or their child’s retention of it. Time4Learning’s standards based curriculum builds the skills that students are tested on normed tests. Learn more in our Mississippi test prep page.

Why Time4Learning is the Leading Homeschool Curriculum in Mississippi

In Mississippi, homeschool curriculum choice is completely up to the parents and students. It’s common to feel unsure about which programs to choose, especially since the variety of programs is overwhelming. For many families in the state, Time4Learning is the most popular choice for a core curriculum. That’s because the Time4Learning program:

  • Includes an automated reporting system which tracks test and lesson scores, time spent on each activity (for attendance), completed lesson summaries and more.
  • Is self-paced, which means each student has access to individualized learning paths that ensure skill mastery.
  • Presents concepts using humor, animated lessons, instructional videos, printable worksheets and fun assessments.

How to Build the Best Homeschool Curriculum for PreK-12

Homeschool curriculum choices have expanded over the last decade. Parents have much more to choose from than typical textbooks, workbooks, and other traditional schooling methods. Online courses, interactive videos, personal computers, laptops, and tablet devices provide exciting and engaging materials for children to experience. But all of these new methods often confuse parents, especially those who are new homeschoolers. Eventually, parents come to realize that mixing different tools and activities usually keeps their children stimulated and eager to learn. For more information review How to Build the Best Homeschool Curriculum for PreK-12.

Mississippi Unit Study Supplement

Help your homeschooler learn interesting history and geography facts about Mississippi in the Time4Learning unit study supplement.

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Online Curriculum for Homeschool, Afterschool and Summer Use

In addition to being an award-winning choice for homeschool families, Time4Learning also offers an online after school program to help build your child’s skills. View our lesson demos and discover why thousands of Mississippi families are already using it!

Give your student the chance to get back on track or explore exciting electives and get ahead for the next school year with Time4Learning’s online summer school. Our educational materials will engage and challenge your child to succeed.

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